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Items filtered by date: Monday, 23 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Technology to the rescue

Our state, though nestled on the far fringe of the country with unfriendly hilly terrain to welcome visitors, does not lag much behind in terms of awareness and utilization of available technological developments, and one thing which the people of the state has taken to with gusto, more out of necessity rather than convenience is the information technology or, simply put- IT. The advent of this amazing technology has indeed changed the way the public view things. People can now understand a broader perspective of all issues and hence, can form their own informed judgement. The curiosity and inquisitiveness of the people has also been aroused, leading to a more scientific temper of mind that questions various beliefs. It has also undoubtedly brought the world closer, thereby easing the frustrations of having to deal with the difficulties of communication and transport, or that inextricable feeling of being sidelined. While IT is not the panacea to the shortcomings of the society, it is indeed a game-changing aspect, and can be utilized to even effect in our state. Take for instance the protracted problem of distributing, and more importantly, that of collecting bills for various public facilities being provided by the Government. How many of us have really seen a water bill in the last decade or so? And who should we inquire about any matter relating to any Government Department in the state. The obvious solution in this time and age is to Google, which is possible only if and when the information and details are made available by the Government. And when online stores are successfully functioning despite the initial concerns regarding the safety of the payment methods, such fears has been proven unfounded. The whole concept of implementing IT in Governance, as envisaged in the NeGP (National eGovernance Project) Vision, to “Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man” should be made functional, with additional services included as required to facilitate generation of revenue for the state. A fully functional Common Service Centre (CSC) implemented under the NeGP formulated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) are Information and Communication Technology enabled front end service delivery points at the village level for delivery of Government, Financial, Social and Private Sector services in the areas of Agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, insurance, pension, utility payments etc. the big question is: are these centers functioning as required, or are they just formalities to make up the numbers in the report sheet of the Government? What steps have the Government taken up to create awareness amongst the public so as to educate them, and ultimately enable them to access the services provided at these centers? It is clearly evident that there need a lot to be done before such supposedly beneficial services reach the public and make their lives that little more convenient. A concerted proactive approach to create awareness and to educate the mass on the development activities and services should be carried out to ensure that such beneficial and positive steps are not wasted.

Re-poll peaceful at Thongju AC; over 80% turn out

Over 80 % voters excercise their franchise at the re-poll held today at the 5/25 polling station at Singjamei Kshetrileikai Primary School. The re-poll is held after the EVM machine experienced technical error on November 21 bye-election voting day.  The polling station has a total voter 967 voters. The re-poll begins from 8 am today morning and at around 3 pm around 800 voters had excercise their franchise. Both the candidates Bijoy Koijam of Congress and Th. Bishwajit of BJP visited the polling station and stayed at their polling camp till the filing this news report. No unwanted incident happen. Eyewitness said that some of the Congress MLAs also visited the polling station. Counting of the vote will be held tomorrow.

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AMWJU not happy with Sangai Festival Security arrangement

Reporters who had visited the Sangai festival for news coverage had been reportedly harrassed by the security personnel deployed at the festival site by not allowing them to pass the short cut route to the event sites. The matter has been seriously taken by the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) and said that the matter will be put up to the notice of the Chief Minister. During a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club, President of AMWJU Wangkhemcha Shyamjai said that if the matter is not sorted out then the AMWJU may go to the extend of boycotting the Sangai Festival. He said that when the Journalists are having identity cards issued by the Directorate of Information of Public Relation after thorough verification by CID and other security force, why there is a need for issuing of another card for the Sangai festival. The President also expressed dissatisfaction for not consulting the AMWJU, which is the only body of the Journalists’ fraternity in Imphal for media management work. 

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Your Choice is now peoples’ choice in Sangai Festival

Premium Stall No. 15 called “Your Choice” in the ongoing Sangai festival is now the peoples’ choice. Reason, the stall deals with packaged indigenous food items. Both domestic tourists as well as the locals visiting the Manipur’s biggest extravaganza did not come out of the stall without buying at least a single item from the stall. Proprietor of the stall Thoidingjam Baleshwar, said that people are happy to find the rare indigenous food item in package form. He said around 30 plus food items, all indigenous are available in his stall. Mustard Oil of Kakching is also an impressive item of this stall. The high quality oil manufactures at Kakching area are available at Rs 140 per Kg, much cheaper than the Engine oil or Dhara oil. “So far around 400 bottles containing 1 litre of Kaching Mustard oil has been sold on the second day of the festival. Other items in demand are dry Ngamu Leirou, Ngari, Soibum, Sougri, Soidon, Bamol Leikai Bori etc. One advantage of Your Choice variety is that all the items can be stored for at least one or two months. That means people living outside the state or country can also now enjoy food habit of their motherland.
Dr. RK Nimai, consultant to the government of Manipur, while inaugurating the stall on the day Sangai Festival was kicked off stated that the effort of Thoidingjam Baleshwar will now popularize the already popular food items of the state among the tourist. Th. Baleshwar proprietor of the ‘Your Choice’ stall said that his mission is to help the farmers who produced the food variety of the state. Often the farmers of the state are discourage as there is complete lack of market area. “I will market all the indigenous products of the state so that all farmers get their share of profit Baleshwar added. 

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‘We will continue arm struggle to restore sovereignty’

United National Liberation Front, (UNLF) had stated that the organization will continue arm struggle to restore sovereignty of Manipur. In a lengthy 8 page press statement release by the Central Committee of the organization in connection with its 51 foundation day to be observed tomorrow, UNLF said it will continue to work together with the likeminded armed organizations of Manipur and Western South-East Asia (WESIA). The organization also reiterated its stand to make clear about the principle of the revolutionary movement of the region.
The lengthy press statement also elaborated in depth about the present trend of revolutionary movement in the state. Talking about the ideology of the UNLF, the central committee statement said that UNLF believe in human freedom where there is no suppression of any ethnic community and where a nation respect the freedom of another nation. It also elaborated on how the erstwhile kingdom has been occupy by India. It said that the India government is carrying out the racial assimilation to the people of the state. Details of the press statement will be produced in Imphal Times tomorrow issue.

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Problem settle after representatives of YAS meet the TSA and MBC students

Representatives of the Thadou Students’ Association (TSA), MBC and the 4 students who were allegedly harassed by group of sportsperson at Khuman Lampak main stadium area some days back today meet the Deputy Director of YAS, representatives of Coaches Association and the 8 aggressors who were arrested by the police at MBC Church, Chingmeirong and sorted out the misunderstanding. Following the talk both side had agreed  to withdraw the complaint lodge to the police regarding the incident. 

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‘Nehru, children and science’ to be held in Imphal tomorrow

With the initiative of The Nehruvian, an event called ‘Nehru, children and science’ will be held in S.V. Gatewell School, Haotal, Pangei in Imphal, Manipur. The event, organised by S. V. Gatewell School, Haotal, Pangei, will be held in the school on 24th November, 2015, Tuesday at 2 pm. The event will highlight the relationship of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru with children and science. It will be followed by an interactive session with the Founder, Ningombam Bupenda Meitei, of The Nehruvian. The event is said to be graced by Dr. Th. Meinya, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha and Professor N. Rajmohan Singh of Department of Chemistry, Manipur University.  N. Dinamani Singh, the principal of the school will also be a dignitary in the event.

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A Manipuri farmer’s passionate desire to preserve traditional rice varieties

When farmers across India are struggling with weather woes and poor yields, there is one of their ilk in Manipur who has succeeded in adopting smart and eco-friendly methods of farming to ensure a satisfactory harvest every year.  
Sixty-year-old Devakanta Potshangbam, a progressive farmer residing in Uyumpok Mamang Leikai in Manipur’s Imphal East District, is passionate about conserving a wide variety of rice at his organic farm, including the cancer-curing black rice, called ‘Chakhao Poireiton’ and some drought-resistant varieties.
He has so far succeeded in persevering 100 traditional varieties of paddy and is cultivating 25 varieties of rice in his lush green farm.
He has travelled across Manipur to collect different types of rice - from drought-resistant white rice (which needs less water), brown rice and black rice.
Manipur is famous for black rice, which has several medical properties as well.
He said, “I would like to motivate some of the farmers to conserve and preserve the traditional varieties. When there is draught like situation we have got varieties of rice. I appeal the state government of Manipur, as well as the federal, to help the state because we have got rich natural resources, especially in the field of medicinal plants. If the government will help the forest department and other departments, I think our state will be richest state in the world. We are growing medicinal plants. We are trying to promote herbal garden. We need a help from the government to conserve traditional varieties for the future of human race.” Devakanta won the prestigious ‘Plant Genome Saviour Farmer Reward’ in 2012. He is currently working with about 200 farmers to increase the cultivation of black rice in their farms.
Many farmers know that he has an organic farm and they come to him to buy different varieties of rice. However, if he gets the organic certification, he can package the rice better and sell it for a higher price.
His wife, Nongthonbam Renubala Devi, said, “My husband always think to do something good for the people even my in-laws they did the same. In fact we sacrifice ourselves and doing this work. We didn’t ask any financial help from other but we sold our own property and doing this work for the sake of our people.” 
Devakanta also cultivates one of the hottest varieties of chilly called ‘U-Morok. Although it is cultivated in Assam and Nagaland, the Manipuri chilly is considered to be better.
He runs an NGO called ‘All Manipur Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Growers’ Consortium’ to promote organic farming and medicinal plants in the state.

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