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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 21 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

The great day for Manipur

Finally! the much anticipated extravaganza conceptualized to showcase and promote the diverse socio-cultural heritage and the rich traditional wealth of the state begins today without a glitch. That the State Government spared no expenses and efforts to make an impression to the visiting tourists would be an understatement. The Imphal city has been transformed within an incredibly short span of time into one which can compared to any other mid-sized or tier II cities in the country- well almost. Despite the best efforts and undoubtedly noble intentions which had made tremendous improvements in the public facilities and certain infrastructures, a closer look into the activities brings to light various clear indications of the haphazard and rushed nature of it all. A huge portion of the work initiated has remained unfinished. For example the renovation works at Kanglapat.

Now that the Sangai Festival is underway, one cannot help feeling apprehensive about the longevity of the commitment the State Government initiated towards beautification of Imphal City. If previous instances are any indications, we will be seeing a change in inertia and a visible drop in enthusiasm making the whole efforts an exercise in futility. The incredible potential for attracting tourism in the State has been well known and even documented. From the enchanting misty mountains to the incredibly beautiful ethnic handiworks and crafts, from the inherently hospitable people to the excellent climatic condition, the unbelievably beautiful and mysterious caves and lakes- this small state has it all, and in no small measures. This naturally endowed land has been wasted and neglected for centuries, our inability to see the big picture, occupied as we are in finding ways to secure our own personal lives through means fair or foul being the main reason. With the air connectivity with our neighboring Asian countries a reality now, it would be an act of utter foolishness not to cash in on the euphoria and enthusiasm such a development has created. Without going into the details of the nitty-gritty of tourism and it’s pros and cons, it is an undeniable truth that with proper planning, timely and effective checks and due diligence, tourism would only improve the economy, change the perceptions of the local people towards the visitors and their way of life, adopt a more tolerant view of things and most importantly help in propagating our cultures and traditions throughout the world. For all these to happen, basic infrastructures and basic amenities must be put in place and make the whole state a tourist friendly one. A lot more needs to be done to be where we want this State to be from where we are now. Only a dedicated, committed and sustained effort can make things possible. Working in fits and starts will get us nowhere.

By-poll : 67% turn out at Thangmeiband and 55% turn out at Thongju at 1 pm

By-poll being underway at Thongju and Thangmeiband Assembly constituencies is reported to be peaceful except for some minor incident of argument at some of the polling station. Report said that at around 1 pm today morning around 67% voters cast their franchise at Thangmeiband Assembly constituency. At Thongju Assembly constituency to total turn out around 55% at 1 pm.
All together 5 candidates are in the fray in the two assembly constituencies. G. Tonsana Sharma, an Independent candidate under the banner, Manipur Democratic Peoples’ Front (MDPF) is contesting in both the Assembly constituencies.
BJP candidate Khumukcham Joykishan and Congress candidate Jotin Waikhom are the keen contestants at Thangmeiband assembly constituency.
On the other hand Congress candidate Bijoy Koijam and BJP candidate Thongam Bishwajit are expecting to fight the election neck to neck. At Thangmeiband Assembly constituency, a total of 26,335 voters will exercise their franchise at 41 polling Booth to elect their representative. Among this, 12,588 are male voters and 13,746 are female voters.

At Thongju Assembly Constituency a total of 28,442 voters are going to exercise their franchise at 45 polling stations. Among the voters 13,739 are male while the remaining 14,703 are female voters.
All the polling booth in both the assembly election is declared as hypersensitive.
The by-election is being held after former MLA Joykishan of Thangmeiband assembly constituency and The Bishwajit of Thongju Assembly constituency were disqualified under the tenth schedule of the Peoples’ Representative Act.
While both Joykishan and Bishawajit prefer to fight fresh election, another MLA who was disqualified along with them took the matter to law court challenging the Speaker’s verdict and regains his status as MLA.

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Re-poll at 5/25 polling station at Thongju

Even as there are no violence reported during the by-election at both the Assembly Constituencies, technical error in EVM, at 5/25 polling station at Singjamei Kshetri leikai Primary School has put halt the voting prompting the Election Commission authority to declare repoll of the polling station.
The polling station has a total of 967 voters. Report said that some technical error started occurring at the EVM machine at around 11 am when the voting was in full swing. Polling agent said that there was beep sound when casting the vote and because of that some voters cast twice to get the sound. AT around 1 when checked at the EVM machine, it was found that a total of 513 votes were found to be recorded in the EVM machine while the Presiding Officer recorded only 501 vote. District Election Officer Devendro and General Observer Rajendranath Roy after taking stock of the situation announced re-poll for the polling station. 

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Chief Minister Okram Ibobi’s silent message to Modi?

By Iboyaima Laithangbam
It is perhaps for the first time in Manipur that cows were garlanded, venerated and worshipped in a government function held in public. The religious relevance of the presence of two cows in the inauguration of the Sanjenthong bridge is seriously questioned in a secular state like Manipur where many people of different faiths are there.
Ibobi may be a devout Hindu. However it is in contravention of the secular practice that a government function is conducted purely on the basis of religious faith of a particular community. It amounts to imposing Hinduism on others. A parallel can be drawn with the resurgence of the Hindu groups after the installation of the Modi government. Banning cow slaughter and sale of beef are not to the liking of other groups and Kiren Rijiju was bold enough to admit that he eats beef though he was arms twisted to recant incoherently later under pressure. Politically Ibobi and those at the centre are poles apart. But was he semaphoring a silent message to those who can finish his political dominance to the effect that his government is all for the protection of cows? It is instructive to recall what Gaikhangam had said ahead of the ADC polls. He ridiculed the way the BJP was all for banning cow slaughter and yet the BJP candidates in the hill districts were hosting lunches and dinners with curried beef to the voters.
Understandably there was no riposte. The government ought to make a clarification on this secular issue
since there is no opposition member to put the incisive question. Secularism should not be thrown overboard for the political gains of Ibobi who seems to be at the end of the rope.

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Asian Theatre Festival

6 theatre group including two from Japan and Bangladesh will take part in the Asian Theatre Festival which is scheduled to begin from November 22 at Chandrakirti Auditorium as a part of the Sangai festival which kicks off today.
On November 23, Theatre group of Japan Kaden Theatre Company will performed the play Troia in Japanese Language. The 70 minutes long play is directed by Madoka Okada.
On Novemebr 28, theatre group from Bangladesh Aarshinagar will perform the play ‘Se raate purnima chhilo. the play directed by Reza Arif and is 1 hour 45 minutes long. Internationally renowned theater group of the state Kalakshetra, Chorus Repertory Theater and NT Theatre group  of Manipur will also performed their selective play during the festival.
Other group performing in the festival are Ba of Assam and Nandikar of West Bengal.

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Myanmar tourists landed in Imphal to witness Sangai Festival

Around 18 Myanmar tourists today landed at Imphal airport at around 11 am  to attend the Sangai Tourism Festival. 2 among them are Meitei of Myanmar. 
Speaking to the media persons at the Imphal Tulihal Airport, Khin Maung Myint, CEO of Golden Myanmar Airlines said that the Golden Myanmar Flight has landed six times during the season of Sangai Festival and this is the third year to land. Apart from flying during the Sangai Festival seasons only, they are also looking forward for regular flight between Mandalay and Imphal if there are passengers and good cost factor.
Khin Maung Myint also said that the people of Myanmar are very optimistic about their future. The country economy has opened since 2011 and with the coming of Lady Aung San Suu Kyi, people of Myanmar are hoping for better future, more FTI to visit their country and expansion of the country economy and every sector including the aviation sector, he added.
Khin Maung Myint further said that for him this is first time to visit Manipur though he was planning for many years. Manipur has similar things, the features, culture etc. and like to make a bridge between Manipur and Myanmar and want the people of Manipur to visit Myanmar, see their culture how similar between Manipur and them. People are also very open and friendly like Manipur and people of Myanmar are also excited to visit and see how Manipur is, he added. Pangambam Kunjabihari, proprietor of KB enterprises said that the Myanmar tourists will now tell the story of Manipur when they return to their country.
Eighteen passengers including two Manipuris namely Purnimala and Lakhimi Devi from Mandalay visited the state today and thirty five passengers from Manipur will leave Imphal for Mandalay today, he added.
Purnimala and Lakhimi Devi of Mandalay while speaking to reporters said that visiting Manipur remind them of their forefather. This is the third time they are visiting Manipur and feel very heart warming. They will stay six days in Manipur. During their stay they will visit places like Govinda Temple, Moirang and many other places of Manipur, they added.

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