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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 15 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

NSCN-IM prepares 50 points demands to ink with GoI under ‘Framework Agreement’

Claims 4976 Sq. Miles of land for Nagas; separate electoral systems

IT Exclusive
National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has prepared a 50 points demands including restoration of the land measuring 4976 Sq. Miles to the Nagas or compensations for the land encroached by the Assam Government. A document found from a highly placed source said that the NSCN-IM is all set to put up the 50 points in its first round of meeting with the Indian Government after the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ with the Indian Prime Minister on August 3 this year. Peace negotiator R.N. Ravi, during his visit at Imphal on September 2 had stated that the agreement signed with the NSCN-IM was a skeleton framework agreement at which main demands and agreement will be included during the course of talk under the agreement.
Document available with the Imphal Times said that the NSCN-IM demanded a separate election system for the Nagas of the Naga Inhabited Areas (NIA). “The Indian Election System is never matched with the Nagas. So it should be replaced by Selection System of Nagas and also lottery system in rotation can also apply if any qualified candidate is found more than one in any Assembly Constituency in order to eradicate the present corruption system in any Election within the NIA (Naga Inhabited Areas)”, revealed the document.
The NSCN-IM also demands the India Government to recognise Nagas area not less than a Nation.
“GOI should not treat the Nagas as other sections of people living within the countryside”.
The NSCN-IM also said that there shall be no Govt Patta land bandi or allotment order system over the land of Nagas except village Patta and that the land of Naga should not longer be occupied by non-Naga without procedure of Naga Customary laws.
The outfit also wanted the Naga Customary Laws to be continued in the villages and tribal level and  do not want the Indian Judiciary system to replaced it.
“The Naga have its own distinct Customary Law and there is no purchased system of Justice. And for which, they need instant decision in every cases and the non-Nagas who are permanently living within the NIA shall follows the Naga Customary Laws and there shall be no other law court for them with the NIA. And there shall be a Naga Customary Court in every Naga tribal headquarter in NIA and the appellate will be the Commissioner Court, High Court and Supreme Court of India. However, which cases were settled through Naga Oath taken shall not be reopened”, the demands prepared by NSCN-IM reads.
The first meeting between the NSCN-IM and the Indian Govt. is going to be crucial one as the outfit is also preparing no Indian Taxation Act on Nagas, no Indian Forest Act in NIA and will demand the Indian authority to respect the Nagas as one of its friend and the ways of Naga integration cannot be block as per Agreement made in 1947 as well as 16th points Agreement.

The NSCN-IM is also demanding a separate Republic day according to its background history based on 1951 Plebiscite that is on  May 16, every year.
The outfit also wanted the “Nagas Rainbow Flag” to recognise in all the Naga inhabited areas (NIA). The NSCN-IM is also restricting any other religion in Naga areas except Christianity.
A separate Naga Rifles Battalion (NRB) at each district in NIA in order to accommodate the Naga Armies followed by rehabilitation especially for the Naga undergrounds who laid down their lives yesterday for the Naga Common Goal is also in the priority of the NSCN-IM.
After final settlement arrives between NSCN-IM and GOI, the outfit want 3 MPs for Lok Sabha and 3 MPs for Rajya Sabha and increase of 30 MLAs seats for new Naga Assembly House to accommodate the Naga leaders from various levels.
The Outfit also want the Naga nation to be under the Ministry of external Affairs of Indian Government and do not object if a Governor is appointed by the Indian Government.
The points prepared by NSCN-IM also said that “while the Nagas demanded her independent from the British Government based on her traditional rights and also her mandate on 16th May of 1951 Plebiscite, the Government of India (GOI) sent her Armies to Naga Inhabited Area (NIA) and burnt down their homes and hearts into ashes in hundreds of Naga Villages, killed thousands of their innocents lives, chased them out into the wildness form their Native Villages and hundreds of them were starved to death, molested and raped their womenfolk, destroyed their valuable properties including  their worship places and beaten them mercilessly without any reason or guilty. And for which the Naga Villages Chiefs are crying with their respective villages stating that the GOI is very bad.
And as such of the GOI is willing to live with Nagas, she must tender her apology before the Nagas for grossly violation of Human Rights. That adequate compensation for the Naga political victims including the cost of their properties should be paid to them through each Naga Village Authority with the help of DC, ADC or SDO Civil in every Naga villages and the same shall not be dealt by any other Dept. of the Government or the same should not be dealt by the VIPs. And the assessment for the compensation for the genuine victims should be done from each Naga Traditional Villages in order to wipe out the tears from the face of the Naga so that the way of Amicable Settlement will be opened.”
It also said that there shall be at least 99 years of Interim period for the Naga Government and especially for Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency to be combine with the GOI till the 99 years of Interim Period is expired. “But when the Nagas can stand on their own feet, they should be allowed to look into their own affairs” the NSCN-IM proposal stated.

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Normal life paralyses during 18 Hours General Strike called against the merger of Manipur to Indian Union

The 18 hour general strike imposed by the Coordination Committee, CorCom, a conglomeration of six valley-based insurgent outfits, KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF and UNLF, as part of its National Black Day observance to commemorate the “annexation” of Manipur by the Indian Government has severely affected normal life in the State today.
The 18 hour general strike was commenced effectively from the midnight of October 14 and is being continued until 6 pm of today (October 15).
Almost all the business places in Imphal area including Paona Keithel, Khwairamband Ima Keithel, Thangal Keithel remain closed.
Educational institutions remained closed and Government offices witness thin attendance.
Both inter-district and inter-State passenger services remained off the roads.

Almost all roads in the state were seen deserted.
Daily wage earners were also hugely affected.
So far, no unwanted incidents were reported during the general strike.
It may be mentioned that Manipur was merged to the Indian Union on October 15 of 1949, after the then King of Manipur, Maharaja Bodhachandra signed the controversial Merger Agreement on September 21, 1949 at Shillong.
Medical emergencies, religious rituals and the media were exempted from the purview of today’s general strike.

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2 powerful IED exploded, 1 injured

A civilian sustain minor injury after two IED planted by UGs exploded simultaneously in-between Tiger Camp and Uyumpok purum Pangaltabi in Imphal East at around 9:30 am today.
One of the local said, morning joggers happen to notice the bomb but they were not sure whether it was a bomb or not.
At around 8:30 am they informed the Sagolmang Police and 16 AR about the presence of a suspicious object.
While inspecting the spot, two other IEDs exploded one after another, about 100 meters from the spot where they were inpecting.
Md Amid khan aged 37 s/o Md Jamin khan of Uyumpok purum Pangaltabi, Imphal East suffers a minor injury on the left hand, in the explosion of the two IED. Later, the unexploded bomb was removed by Sagolmang Police bomb squad from the spot at round 12 pm.
Police said that the unexploded bomb was a digital timer bomb which contains RDX 1.5 kg, Electric Detonator, 9 Volt batteries, Spinder 3kg, total of 4.5kg.
The bomb was disposed by team of Sagolmang Police bomb squad at around 12:45 pm at a nearby hill of Tiger Camp.
Later at afternoon local meira paibi of Tiger Camp areas staged a sit-in-protest at the community hall of Tiger Camp condemning the planting and triggering of IEDs.
Police source said that equipments used by state police bomb squad are outdated to deal with the kind of explosives the UGs plant.

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Thangmeiband club denounces state electricity department

Thangmeiband Improvement Club (TIC) slammed the state electricity department for not looking over the electric pole in front of TIC building that remain leaning on the electric main lines for the last 3 days.
“As the electric pole lean to the electric cables, power supply has been stopped and the people spend black out night with no electricity in the last three days”, said  Nandeibam Sarojkumar , local club representative.
He said that the matter has been complaint to the Lamphel Electricity department but no staffs had ever come to repair it. He further added that the Thangmeiband Yumnam Leikai has been totally black out for almost 3 days as the staffs fail to repair the pole. He further added that TIC is situated in front of the state assembly complex, however most of the street lamp has been not in used almost 10 years accept one street lamp. 
TIC appeal to the concerned department to looked into consideration for the people of the Thangmeiband area.

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Issues of October 15

The merger of Manipur to the Indian Union in October 15, 1949 after the controversial signing of the merger agreement between Maharajah Bodhachandra and the representatives of the Indian Union on September 21 of the same year at Shillong is the root of all mayhem in the present state of Manipur. For years people of the state have been witnessing several rebel groups observing October 15 as “Black Day” by freezing all wakes of live under the spell of general strike. The rebels do have their cause in calling the day general strike and most surprising thing the irresponsive attitude of both the state and central government to the calls made on this day. The silence of both the state and central government seems to be a clear indication on the righteousness to the call of the rebel or else why shouldn’t there be any statement from the government authority regarding the reasons that the rebels had put forward justifying their cause. A stitch in time save River Nile – the saying should be well think upon. For someone who wanted to go deep into the genesis of all this chaos arisen out of the conflict we certainly do have reason to blame the Central government authority for all the present state of our state.
In his book “Open Secret”, Maloy Krishna Dhar, the then joint director of the SIB, an intelligent agency had categorically stated the political and economic condition of the state. As according to him he had submitted reports on why the youths especially the Meitei had frustration to the merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the Indian Union terming it as ignorance from the part of the Union government authority. It was in the late 60s that intelligent agency had understood and further cautioned the Union leadership about the possible raise of a separatist movement as an outcome of negligence and proper understanding about the problem of the state.
Points here we wanted every guardian of the country’s constituency is the need of special attention to the problem of the state. A mere policy for awarding rehabilitation package to some of the rebel groups and signing of peace deal or cease fire is not a lasting solution. Rather it would bring major problem to the state. A wrong is a wrong, and a right is always right. What is wrong in correcting the wrongs. India now is emerging as a super power and it is not wrong to speculate in the possible interference of external force to distort the country’s unity. The only means to strengthen the ties of the country’s unity is through proper clarification on what had been committed before. It was a fact that people in the state believed that merger of Manipur with the Indian Union was Illegal- a resolution adopted by a peoples’ convention held at GM Hall Imphal in 1993.
Now the mindset of the youth had change a lot , no individuals are fool enough to be driven by some cheap provocative propaganda. So it is better the government accept what has happened before and should sort out the conflict with proper understanding. After all, rebels waging war are also human beings.

Government alone cannot face the problems in health sector - Chief Minister

Imphal, Oct. 15: The Government alone cannot face the problems in health sector in the society. Facing such problems by the government alone is next to impossible. This was stated by the  Chief Minister of Manipur O. Ibobi Singh while addressing the  Financial Assistance Distribution Function sponsored by Manipur Heart Foundation in Collaboration with Sky Hospital at Classic Hotel, North AOC, Imphal.
The Chief Minister further said that the Government including those of private sectors together have to face the problems of Health and Education just like a war. We human beings faced enormous problems such as joy or sorrow which are inevitable part of our lives. By facing all these problems only then we can feel the real taste of life. Whether one lives in any secure place, definitely one day either he or she will die bidding adieu to his near and dear ones when his time comes. Even the cleverest of the clever could not be left out from death.
Appreciating the contribution of Dr. L. Shyamkishore who left London and started working here in Manipur for the noble cause of humanity, the Chief Minister said, one may adopt the profession of doctor, engineer or social worker but, at least what one can do by his profession be contributed in order to bring a good and an advanced society. We have to appreciate not only Dr. Shyamkishore’s contribution but those philanthropists who are also rendering their services by helping in the form of financially, physically or otherwise for the needy and BPL families who couldn’t afford to go for treatment outside Manipur, he added. While distributing financial assistance of Rs. 25,000/- each to 9 heart patients belonging to different BPL families from all the district of the state for treatment, the Chief Minister hoped that people with generosity will contribute for this noble cause of humanity and also donated Rs. 1 lakh to Manipur Heart Foundation from his discretionary fund.
The function was attended by President, Manipur Heart Foundation and Chairman and Chief Cardiologist, Sky group of hospitals Dr. L. Shyamkishore and Minister PHED, Labour and Employment Shri I. Hemochandra Singh as President and Guest of Honour respectively. The function was also attended by Parliamentary Secretary TA & Hills and IT Shri Victor Keishing, MLA’s Smt. O. Landhoni Devi and Shri St. Nunghlung Victor as Special Guests respectively.
As a part of the function, the activities and achievements of Manipur Heart Foundation since its inception i.e, 3rd March, 2013 was also highlighted through 16 minutes visual support. It may be mentioned that since the establishment of MHF, during a short span of 2 years it could organised/conducted different seminars on heart related patients at different districts of the state, established Full fledged Heart Hospital, rendered financial assistance to patients belonging to the needy and BPL families covering the entire state of Manipur for treatment, besides conducting free heart camps at district level for children under the age group of 13 years at various places of the state.

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