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LPG subsidy fraud in Manipur

Iboyaima Laithangbam The LPG subsidy is meant for the poor sections of the people. In response to the appeal by the Prime Minister thousands of consumers had surrendered involving millions of rupees. In Manipur however this facility seems to be a means for siphoning off the subsidized money to the pockets of the LPG dealers. A consumer of Jemon Gas Agency got a little surprise when on December 14 the cash receipt showed that Rs 309.19 will be transferred to her bank account. Within seconds she learned that she was duped. She had never applied for the subsidy. Jemon Gas does not know her banker and the account number. It is clear that the said amount will be shown to have been deducted and refunded to the consumer while in fact it will be pocketed by some dishonest employees. There is reason to fear that many other consumers had been thus been duped. Will Jemon Gas make a public explanation? More importantly, is there is any authority to check this kind of fraud?

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