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PREPAK greets people on Intl. Human Rights Day

Proscribed group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) today greets the people of the state on occasion of the International Human Rights Day Scheduled to hold across the globe. The PREPAK statement which wishes the people of the state elaborated the origin of observing the day. In a lengthy press statement the outfit said that the movement to provide equal human rights to all the people of the world has been often suppressed by some self interested leaders and the issues of human rights movement reached its peak during 18 century AD even though the movement began as early as 16 century. It said that the movement of human rights first exploded in the form of volcano in the European countries and later spread towards the United States. It reminded the human Rights movement in England in 1776 and that of the movement against deprivation of human rights of the common people in the year 1789. About a century after the France revolution the United Nations General Assembly declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. The declaration is to assured all Human Rights to be equally granted to all the human in the earth.
The PREPAK statement further said that even though there even as India regain Independence from the British and set up an administration based on democracy the country is still enforcing certain laws like AFSPA in WESEA region as well as in Kashmir Region which the British once used to suppress the people of their colony.  Under this draconian act Indian is undergoing a genocide mission to the people of the region.
Even as Justice Avtabh Alam and Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai if the Suprem court of India has exposed the suppressive authoritarian regime of the Indian government the Authority of India still continue different tactics to suppress the people of the region. Even as the NHRC and The AMNESTY International has warned the security force of the various fake encounter cases the India still continues their tactics to suppress the people.
Justifying the revolutionary movement to restore the lost Independence of the region, the PREPAk said that world agreed to grant freedom to all the colonial country of the world. It said United Nations has adopted a resolution No. 154(xv) on December 14, 1960 called Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People. Further the outfit also warn the people of the tactics being used by the Indian regime to distort the political boundary of the erstwhile kingdom which was merged to the Indian Union by dividing into pieces.

The PREPAK term the present political crisis in the state as an impact of the colonial rules to the people of the region. It appeals the people to understand the hidden agenda of the colonial government.
The outfit also appeals the people of the state to jointly fight against the colonial force to free ourself from the claws.

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