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Racist attacks increasing

Iboyaima Laithangbam
The latest victim of racist attacks against the youths of this region was a Poumei boy from Mao who was going to his institute. There was nobody to save him. His cash and valuables must have been looted by the criminals. The foreknown fact is that the criminals shall never be booked and this will give indirect encouragement to other criminals who now realise that they can kill the people from the NE region with impunity. There had been hundreds of murders, if not in thousands. And yet we have not heard of any culprit being punished. There had been well orchestrated protests against the racist killings. Except for lip

services the leaders even at the national level have not done anything for justice and this has widened the chasm between mainland India and the NE region. What is more, they regard the girls from this region as
ones of easy virtue and there had been criminal attacks. If the government has the political will and the leaders understand that the north easterners are also citizens of the country most of the criminals could have been rounded up. In one case the ring leader used the SIM and handset of the victim and indications are that till date he is using the handset. It would have been very easy to trap him. Besides the criminals mostly travel in some parts in trains in search of people from this region. A national debate is urgently called for if the drifting trend is to be arrested.

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