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Nearly 500 foreign tourists visited Imphal during Sangai festival

Besides the domestic tourists from outside the state, as many as 491 foreign tourists from across the globe visited Imphal during Sangai Festival. As per record available with the government authority a total of 184 foreign tourist had visited Imphal to attend the Sangai festival and around 307 foreign tourist visited the state for their own personal purposes.
“But these tourist do not like to miss the biggest Tourism festival of the state”, a govt. official said.

According to report Myanmar stands top among the countries which visited Imphal for Sangai festival. Around 72 Myanmarese tourists visited Imphal. Number of visitors from Thailand is 41, Bangladesh 22, Japanese 16, British 7, Australian 7, USA 6, Chinese 4, Bhutanese 2, Norwegian 1, French 1, Danish 1, Indonesian 1, Lesotho 1 and Nigerian 1. Most of these tourists are invited by the state government concern authorities to attend the state’s largest tourism festival.
Those visited the state on their own numbers around 307, mostly from European, South east Asia and USA.

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