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10% reduction in medicinal items in pharmacies

IT Exclusive Following the reduction of 10% of the medicinal items for the general patients and higher cuts for cancer patients in the two pharmacies on the RIMS campus, sales figure in the outskirts of the complex had plummeted. Some pharmacies in Khwairamband had also slashed by 10% on the sly. The decision is taken whimsically by the salesmen. For instance, on Wednesday one pharmacy at Babu Thong lane refused to give the concession for unexplained reasons. However the next door pharmacy readily reduced the price by 10%. But then almost all customers are not aware of this facility. Only the knowledgeable persons have to nudge the salesmen who initially pretend to be unaware of it. While the two RIMS pharmacies do not stock some low demand medicines for days together those Khwairamband pharmacies are not well publicising the 10% reduction to the customers. Another worrisome practice is that used syringes, IV drip bottles and other disposable items are washed, packed and sent to Manipur and Nagaland for sale. The fear is bigger in case of the bulk supplies in the government hospitals. Officials whose duty is to check such malpractices are not seen anywhere. In this modern age of deadly diseases the free sale of the used items must be infecting incurable and deadly diseases. Nobody is worried about this serious threat to the people.

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