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AMESTA condemn killing of School teacher; protest staged, threatens intense agitation if fail to punish culprits

A sit-in-protest against the brutal killing of Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu of Keirao Makting Awang Leikai, Headmaster of Keirao Primary Madrasa School was held at Keirao – Urup Thongkhong bazar of Keirao Litan Makhong today organized by AMESTA, Keirao A/C.
Speaking on the occasion, Ch Santakumar Singh, Secretary General, AMESTA said that the brutal murder of Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu is not an insult to the Keirao constituency alone but it is an attack to all the teachers of the state.
The unwarranted allegation leveled against Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu as a cow thief has brought bad name to all the teachers in the society which is unacceptable.
Government must bring out the fact and the truth over the killing of the school teacher, AMESTA urged. “Those involved culprits must be brought in front of the public as soon as possible and the truth why Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu was murdered”, Shantakumar added.

Ch Santakumar Singh further said that the reason for organizing the sit-in-protest is against the charging of a school teacher as theft which in reality is an insult to all the teachers community of the state.
AMESTA Head Office, All Manipur Teachers Association, Clubs Organization and the whole society of Manipur demanded the Government to look into this matter seriously and demanded immediate arrest all those involved in the of the school teacher. AMESTA also urged the public not to politicalise or communalise the issue.
The teachers’ body also threaten intense form of agitation if the government fails to arrest and punish all those involved in the killing of the school teacher.

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