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Separate treatment for widows of rebels and that of Security Forces – Is it justified?

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Imphal, Feb 24: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh new initiative to stop all kind of mob violence which some even term it as mob justice is one of the most appreciating effort . He had rightly pointed out that no good is brought by mob violence as it would tantamount the existing law of the land as well as image of a good governance.
Before, N. Biren Singh led government came to power, people in the state have been experiencing the souring and intolerable mob violence at many part of the state.
A house being burnt, a family being thrown out and even mothers, sisters, and father being thrown out of the locality for a crime committed by a person.
Showing his concern the Chief Minister had time and again stated that why should the members of the family of those criminal be punished for the crime committed by a member of the family.
This is a common understanding and everyone of us knows that the Chief Minister is right and almost all people support any such measures to counter mob violence.
Well, when Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that no family member should be punished for a crime committed by a family member, he meant to say that not everyone of his family is criminal. The Chief Minister is right. One family member’s criminal act cannot make all the members as criminal.

Well there is government scheme for financial assistance to widows and children of victims of conflict. If a person, civilian died in cross firing between security force and armed insurgence they are entitled to get some amount of financial assistance from the government. This scheme does not cover widows of alleged rebels or say terrorist in the language of the government.
Widows and children of insurgences or say terrorist suffer the same like those of the security forces or civilian. Of course the civilian victim if happen to be a government employee or the security force somewhat were left with certain facilities. But when it comes to the widows and Children of the rebels then they are left with no choice. These children and widow of insurgence even though have no connection with what their father had done, were treated discriminately with other women. They are left on their own to survive.
Something seriously is wrong the way that financial assistances are provided to victims of conflict.
On one hand if the widows and children of rebels are left with such attitude than there is a possibility that they felt discriminatory and are being punished for the crime that they have not committed.
What difference does it make for a mob punishing the family of a criminal and for the state government treating widows and children of rebels who were killed in encounter or alleged encounter as two separate categories? Widows are widow, no matter her husband was a civilian, security forces or armed rebel group.
The financial assistance provided by the government to widow should not be discriminated. The system need to be changed.
Its time to ponder in this specific issue as reducing crime rate is now priority of the government running the state.

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Kangla entry notification for Yaoshang


Imphal, Feb. 24:  To enable the NGOs from different parts of the State coming to Kangla to lit their torch in connection with Yaoshang Sports Festival, all 3 (three) gates of Kangla will remain open from 1st to 3rd March, 2018.
A notification issued by Superintendent, State Archaeology, Government of Manipur, states that only 10 representatives of any party will be allowed to enter Kangla without Microphone/Loudspeaker and vehicle. They should follow traffic regulation i.e., to go on the left side of the road. The entry inside Kangla will be allowed for the said purpose from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Hardship faced by widows of armed conflict victims narrated

Imphal, Feb. 24:  Various hardships faced by widows and children of armed conflict victims was highlighted today in a round table conference organised by the Centre for Manipur Studies on the topic “Conflict (armed/Ethnic) Affected Manipur and Peace Efforts with Women in Centre Stage at Manipur University today.
Renu Takhellambam of the Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEVFAM), narrated her experience on how she struggled along with other like minded victims families to get justice. She said that she being a widow of alleged UG have been denied any government scheme which other normal widow use to get. The stigma, and discrimination that they faced after the dead of her husband was no difference from other widow but she has been denied of any facilitated because her husband was a rebel. Renu Takhellambam at present is a law abiding citizen of this land. Hutchin Haokip , a woman activist also narrated on how the widows in Hill area are suffering while trying to get the benefit provided for the widow under various schemes of the government of India. he said that as the government offices sometime remain close for reason best known to them they have to return empty hand. She also shared her experience on the problems faced by women of hill areas.

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Tackling the traffic menace

The state capital is presently experiencing traffic congestions and traffic jams on a scale never witnessed before, and the problem is bound to increase with time. With rising expendable incomes and introduction of newer and better vehicles, the people of the state are thronging the automobile dealers and business is brisk like never before. From what was considered a basic necessity, automobiles have come to represent a status symbol for the owners, so much so that it is now common for many to own different kinds of vehicles for different purposes. The result, as everybody have experienced, is increased congestion and inconvenience. What was once a trip that took a few minutes has now consumed a good part of an hour or more depending on the time of the day. Add to it the abject absence of civic sense of most motorists who still doesn’t have a clue to even the basic rules of traffic and parking and we now have a deteriorating crisis threatening to bring the small capital to a grinding halt.
While it is heartening to notice that the chief minister has expressed concern on the issue and posted his personal views on social media, the ground reality is far from satisfactory. Many busy intersections are seen without any traffic personnel even during the peak traffic hours, and the few who are trying to control the situation are often left with a chaotic situation, with the state police personnel deployed to stand in as traffic regulators- a job they are neither trained nor prepared for.
The absence of a permanent and systematic parking arrangement is another aspect contributing to the mayhem. In a place such as Imphal where parking spaces are at a premium, the lack of a proper traffic management system is sorely felt by all and sundry. But the solution to this increasing menace is not as daunting or far-fetched as one would envisage. An event call TrafficInfraTech Expo - Asia’s largest & India’s only integrated shows on Intelligent Traffic Management Systems brings together Government Departments, Enforcement Authorities, Infrastructure Companies, Consultants and the National & International Traffic & Parking Industries is being organized annually and is designed in tune with the Indian Government’s vision to fast track the traffic infrastructure. The government’s effort in the recent years to provide fast and safe mobility has given a very big push to the traffic industry. International technologies have been adopted and there is a huge budget allocation to develop roads and highways (83,677 km of roads by 2020). The expo showcases the latest in intelligent traffic management systems, Integrated Traffic Systems/tolling/telematics, safety & security, mass transportation, road construction & infrastructure.
While ad-hoc measures are being experimented at home to ease the problem, the state government should prepare a team of delegates to participate at the event which will definitely be immense help in devising ways and means to tackle the worsening issue at the earliest. It is time to walk the talk and time is of the essence- in more ways than one.

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