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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 28 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Nearly 500 foreign tourists visited Imphal during Sangai festival

Besides the domestic tourists from outside the state, as many as 491 foreign tourists from across the globe visited Imphal during Sangai Festival. As per record available with the government authority a total of 184 foreign tourist had visited Imphal to attend the Sangai festival and around 307 foreign tourist visited the state for their own personal purposes.
“But these tourist do not like to miss the biggest Tourism festival of the state”, a govt. official said.

According to report Myanmar stands top among the countries which visited Imphal for Sangai festival. Around 72 Myanmarese tourists visited Imphal. Number of visitors from Thailand is 41, Bangladesh 22, Japanese 16, British 7, Australian 7, USA 6, Chinese 4, Bhutanese 2, Norwegian 1, French 1, Danish 1, Indonesian 1, Lesotho 1 and Nigerian 1. Most of these tourists are invited by the state government concern authorities to attend the state’s largest tourism festival.
Those visited the state on their own numbers around 307, mostly from European, South east Asia and USA.

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Protest staged against arrest of 3 persons

Locals of Wangjing Lamding today staged a sit-in protest denouncing arrest of 3  shopkeepers from Wangjing Bazar by Thoubal Police on November 4 on charge of looting one Khumanthem Noren at Wangjing bazar . The protesters condemned the arrest of Kundrampam Suchil and his neighbour Ngangom Gambhir along with Gambhir’s son James who was about to give his BA 5th Semester exam conducted by Manipur University which starts from yesterday. 
Surmila, wife of Ghambir told media that teams of Thoubal Police and Forensic science experts had already taken finger prints from the incident site but fail to produce the report. She further complained that the said persons were taken only for few questions and still kept in their police custody.

If they really committed the crime then let they pay the price otherwise she demanded for immediate release.

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BJP felicitate Kh. Joykishan and Th. Bishwajit

BJP Manipur Pradesh today felicitated MLA Thongam Bishwajit and Khumukcham Joykishan who were re-elected as BJP MLA from Thongju and Thangmeiband Assembly constituencies bye-election at its party office located at Nityapat Chuthek.
Lok Sabha MP of BJP and in-charge of BJP Manipur Pradesh Prahlad Singh Patel speaking during the felicitation function termed the recent spurt of violence at Khongman on the day when the election result was declared.  “That was an organised crime and  police and the ECI is responsible for talking up action against those involved who are responsible for causing such incident”, Prahlad Singh Patel said. 
President of the BJP Manipur Pradesh Th. Chaoba said that fighting the election with the opponent having  48 MLAs including 13 ministers is not an easy task. The ruling congress had been using  muscle and money power to the election but the people have choose  the BJP candidate. He further added that police had not registered any case regarding the incident.
“The matter will now be put up in state assembly session which is set to begin from December 18 by the two BJP MLAs who were re-elected from their respective constituencies in Bye-election.

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Alleged killer of Gambhini lynch

Alleged killer of 57 year old Chanambam Gambhini w/o Chanambam Rajen, who was found brutally murdered on November 26, at around 5;15 am at her vendor at Wabagai under Kakching Police station was lynched by an angry mob today. The alleged killer has been identified as Oinam Amujao Singh (age about 20 years), son of O Pakpi Singh of Wabgai Lamyeng Ching. It may be mentioned that after Ganbhini was stabbed to death by the deceased who was lynched by the mob today also bite at the nose of the deceased husband.
Earlier, yesterday, a team of Wad along with a media team had visited the spot where the woman was found killed as a part of  International Fortnight Observation Protesting Violence Against Women.
A WADF statement said that when the team visited, a team of police and Forensic Department were also conducting investigation. It is very important to visit the place of occurrence by  the Forensic team  to examine and collect the vital evidence without delay, however it was not done, the statement added. WAD also expressed deep concern about the increasing crime against women in the state especially the brutal murdered of three women in these two months.
“A women namely Gandhamani 42 years old was murdered on 25th October 2015, Yumlembam Sorodhoni (38 years old) an eight months pregnant women was also found dead from a river at Tokpaching on 6th November 2015 and the brutal murdered of Gambhini (57 yrs old)is the third incident occurred under Waikhong PS and Kakching PS respectively”, WAD said.
The organization also appealed the state Government to take the issues seriously and take the necessary actions against the criminal as per the law of the land without delay.

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Alleged killer’s family pray for justice

Family of the alleged killer of School teacher Md Hajmat @ Babu today urged all civil society organisations particularly the JAC formed against the killing of the school teacher to relieve them from any form of mental harassment when police are investigating to find the culprits behind the killing of the school teacher.
Md Jala-udin @ Amu of Keirao Awang Leikai, the alleged killer, is presently in judicial custody after he surrender to Irilbung Police station.   The school teacher, Md Hajmat @ Babu (55), Headmaster of Keirao Makting Govt Primary Madrasa was found brutally murdered on Novemebr 1 late night. His dead body was found on the following morning. Md Abdul Helim (35) younger brother of Amu, an Imam by profession told media in a press meet here at Manipur Press Club today that Amu had surrendered to the police not because he killed the school head master but because to take refuge at the police station as people started pointing finger to him over the dead of the school teacher. The mob had already burnt the house of Md Jala-udin @ Amu, besides two other houses belong to his brothers were also cindered to ashes. The family member said that still the JAC is suspecting them and because of that their children and family members are facing hardship as they fear unwanted incident while attending school or for other work. He appealed the people to allow them peaceful life until the truth has been found out.
The family member also said that if in case they are found involved to the killing of the school master they are ready to accept any kind of punishment awarded by the people.

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RN Ravi paranoia: State BJP should now pressure central leaderships

The 50 points of the NSCN-IM did exist and another 18 points proposal to run the new government of NSCN-IM has been prepared by the collective leadership of the outfit. Imphal Times stands by its report. Denial of the report by Indian interlocutor RN Ravi while
talking to a daily paper published in Nagaland is expected, as we the Imphal Times had not reported that the matter has been tabled. The date for talks after the signing of the “Framework Agreement” between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India has not yet been officially announced. And what we in the Imphal Times had reported is the demand that has been prepared by the NSCN-IM collective leadership in consultation with its frontal organization leaders in a series of meetings held at camp Hebron, the liberated zone of NSCN-IM.
Based on a highly placed source, the blue print to make the proposal from the side of the NSCN-IM has been finalised and will be submitted during the first round of talk after the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ between the two entities. The term two entities is being coined here as the Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to
be working forward to find a solution with the outfit beyond the purview of the Indian Constitution or perhaps under some pressures from Christian organizations based in other countries.
Two of the major issues that may spark tensions in the North Eastern region, is the NSCN-IM proposal for restoration of nearly 5000 sq. miles to the Nagas which they claim to have been occupied by Assam. Thinking well about the probable problem if stand stuck to this demand, the collective leadership also put another option and that option is payment of compensation for the land in case they could not restore the land. The proposal for 3 states formula in Naga area by keeping the present Nagaland state as it is and by bifurcating portions of Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur is one big issue that the government of India has to be considered with extreme care.
Interestingly the NSCN-IM also demanded a separate electoral system in this three proposed Naga states which is different from the present democratic electoral system of the country. Rejection of any demand is the right of the Indian Government authorities, but after the framework agreement that was signed between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NSCN-IM leadership on August 3 this year, any short of objectionable move will be strongly countered. And for that it is expected that the NSCN-IM may seek help from countries which do not want India to remain united and strong.
But another serious issue is the propaganda launched by NSCN-IM to the people of the NE region particularly in Manipur about a solution reaching soon. Taking advantage of the present development the NSCN-IM authority is recruiting cadres at different places of Manipur including Chandel, Tamenglong and Senapati districts besides other claimed Naga areas. The report of the mass recruitment is an open secret but both the state government and the central government is ignoring on what is actually going on at the ground. This report about
recruitment of cadres openly has also been denied by the government.
Point here is that, the report about NSCN-IM proposal for 3 state and land compensation from Assam or restoration of the nearly 5000 sq.miles may be termed as false by RN Ravi. But things stand logical and true. They cannot hide what is happening around.
The Nagaland based daily paper report about the version of NSCN-IM interlocutor VS Atem did not said that they will not put up anything during the talk. Moreover he was quoted as saying that there may be more points like 75 to 100 to be put up during the first round of
talk after the August 3 pact.

Manipuri Woman activist to attend International meet at US

Monika Khangembam, Founder of Women and Youth for Peace and Development (WYPD), has been invited to take part in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a prestigious professional exchange programme being conducted by the US Department of State to foster professional ties and mutual understanding with other countries. Monika is the only participant from India, among many others from various countries, all of whom have been identified as potential leaders. They will travel to the US this week to meet their professional counterparts and visit US public and private sector organisations related to her project theme ‘Women Leaders: Promoting Peace and Security’. The women leaders will be visiting Washington, D.C., New York, Nevada and Florida as part of the programme. The 17-day programme begins on December 2.
This initiative supports the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2011), which calls for the empowerment of women as equal partners in preventing conflict and building peace in countries threatened and affected by war, violence, and insecurity. It addresses women’s leadership opportunities by exploring ways in which they can lead in conflict mediation and community transformation. In addition, this initiative will familiarize participants with strategies for directing positive political, social and economic change in a democratic society. Through meetings, workshops, site visits and roundtable discussions, the participants will examine essential leadership skills needed to balance divergent social demands and interests when confronting political, social, and economic challenges
“I believe the IVLP will be a wonderful opportunity to observe how women leaders and organisations in the United States actively engages in mediating conflicts and disputes arising from political, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and regional differences. It will also be a great opportunity to meet experts, women leaders and build meaningful networks that I am sure will help me serve my community better,” said Monika. According to Monika, her organisation’s goal is to make the women of her conflict-torn state aware of their rights and also help them to become economically independent. Currently she is working with female farmers in a remote corner of Manipur to empower them and bring them forth in the male dominated field of agriculture. The organisation also aims to get the youth of Manipur to contribute as agents of peace and reconciliation. Monika has worked on issues like human rights and AFSPA, racial discrimination and has spearheaded national campaigns. She is currently also the vice curator of Global Shapers Imphal Hub, an initiative by World Economic Forum. She was also the only Manipuri to be selected as of one of British Council Global Changemakers from Asia Pacific in 2011.
Launched in 1940, the IVLP connects current and emerging leaders around the world with their American counterparts. Participants are nominated and selected annually by the staff at U.S. Embassies around the world. The exchange brings up to 5,000 professional emerging leaders from around the world to the United States each year for programmes of up to three weeks, including more than 330 current or former chiefs of state or heads of government. Some of the notable IVLP alumni include Anwar Sadat, 11-year president of Egypt and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.   

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