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The Manipur Nagas

By- Aheibam Koireng Singh The Naga: its ethno genesis The genesis of the ethnonyme ‘Naga’ is still shrouded…
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‘Id-Ul-Azha’, or the feast of sacrifice

By- N. Mangi Devi ID-UL-AZHA, or the Feast of sacrifice is called also yaum-un-Nahr, Qurban-i-Id, Qurban Bayram Baqr-i-Id…
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Fear and Superstition

By Thangjam Yumjao Singh There is yet another kind of fear that stalks the human mind. It is…
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The Merger of Manipur

 By- H. Bhuban Singh After the Anglo-Manipuri war of 1891, Manipur became a Maharaja’s native State under British…
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The Philippine Experience

With June 10, 2018 just 3 days left Imphal Times is reproducing the series of lectures delivered by…
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