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The nurse are the first line actors: Th. Radhehsyam

Imphal, Nov 25: Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam Shyam Singh congratulating the passing out young and dedicated 33 Nurse Graduates said that “the first line actors” to take care of the sick, injured, and the needy irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and religion serving all with love and affection are the Nurses.
He added that they are like the sun or the candles that give light to everyone and everywhere. The Minister was speaking at the 2nd Convocation Cum Graduation Day Ceremony at CMC College of Nursing, Koirengei.
Th. Radheshyam described the profession of Nurse as one of the noblest and holiest devoted for the well being of the humanity. If the aspects of doctors and nurse could be combined it would create wonders. He advised the young graduates that if they dream and focused in their goals with the faith in God they all are bound to achieve.
He explained to the young graduates gearing to serve the needy that it is not the completion of their work as professional nurse that matters. But, their duty to one and all, how much love and care they have been able to render and receive, the satisfaction they would get and how many smile and laughter they have been able to bring on someone’s face and had given and received love while serving is the most important, he described.

Vice Chancellor, Manipur University, Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey said that the profession of nurse is neither simple nor very hard. He said to be in this profession is like getting a heavenly opportunity to serve the mankind and must be carried out with devotion. No matter how difficult the situation may be, he advised the students to bear a smile and be polite while carrying out their duty.
Most Rev. Dominic Lumon DD Archbishop Imphal told the newly graduated nurses that they all must bring a difference with their service in someone’s life through love and care.
The convocation was attended by Management, staffs, Students and parents. Certificates and medals were also distributed to the toppers and the graduates.

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The Changing face of Manipuri youths

Recently, a national daily – ‘Telegraph’ breaks a story on how a class XI going student of a govt. High school builds a robot. Some day back Manipur was in the news after the
International Astronomical Union (IAU) named an asteroid after a 32 years old Manipuri scientist Dr. Guneshwar Thangjam. In the recently held under -17 FIFA World Cup, 8 players from the state were among the Indian team. Again Magnificent Mary Kom showed the world that at 34, she is still the queen of ring in the Asian Boxing Championship. She won the gold medal in the Asian Boxing Championships in the Light Flyweight category, defeating DPR     Korea’s Kim Hyang Mi.
In the field of arts and culture, young Kabui Singer, John Mapanmei is creating news with his extra ordinary talents. Meitei teenage girl Mangka Mayanglambam is now a favorite star for her aesthetic charms by critics across the globe. There are many which are being left out in mentioning.
The young guys are making their own benchmark even in politics. In the running of the government too, this half the law makers are below 40 years. Their participation in the government showed that youths of today’s Manipur are not only advancing in the field of education, literature, Arts, Science and sports but also to the running of the government which will shape the nation of tomorrows.

Points wanted to bring here is that Manipur is changing. Youths have changed and one day the erstwhile nation call Manipur, now become a part of India will shines bride in the world.
As the generation changes, everything changes - lifestyle, talking style, requirements, thinking style, views and what not. What is fortunate for the people of the state is that – youths of today’s Manipur is moving towards the right direction.   
Manipur’s youths are much more sensitive in any case. The young guns know their life goal and they do anything to achieve it.  The face of Manipur is changing because of the young power look at any field science, sports and arts and culture.
It is right time that the government acknowledge the changes seen among the youth of Manipur. Manipur can some days become a human resource hubs but it is the seriousness of the government that can shape the destiny of this state.  

‘One never stops learning in Polo’

The captain of the India A team, Col Tarsem Singh Warrich’s association with horses and polo goes back a long way since his father used to play the game at Government college Lahore during pre-partition days. But, it was only after joining the NDA that Tarsem started playing the game seriously.
Before switching to polo, Col Tarsem played for the under-16 Indian hockey team. At NDA, the renowned polo player Pickle Sodhi, who was an equitation officer there spotted his potential and made him play polo. He made quick progress and was picked for IPA junior in 1986 and in 1987, he was declared the most promising player of the country by the IPA.
 From here on Col Tarsem took a long break from polo as he was on army duty at Sri Lanka, incidentally Manipur and Kashmir and resumed playing only in 1995. During this period he was into show jumping and eventing and in the year 1994 won bronze in national show jumping and eventing.
In 1996, Col  Tarsem went to the US as part of the Indian polo team and went on to play polo different parts of that country. There, he came in contact with Galindo and Leary family who had a polo club in Indios, California and this where Col Tarsem “picked the intricacies of high goal polo” and blossomed as a polo player.
According to Col Tarsem, what separates polo from other games is that two hearts, two bodies and two living beings have to come together to play the game effectively. Polo combines the love of animals, love of sports and ball games together. The sport grows on you and one never stops learning.
Col Tarsem jumped from -2 handicap in 1996 to +3 in 1999 and came down to +2 as his army duty did not allow him to play enough games. He greatly appreciates the effort put in by the Manipur Government and the Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association to save the original pony and the original polo  
Major Narendra Kumar, who was part of the India A team last year is back again as part of the IPA team to compete in the 11th edition of the Manipur Polo Interantional. He loves to be here again in Manipur which gave polo to the world and would like to come back again and again to this “Mecca of Polo” if he gets selected. Stating that they are here to win the tournament, Narendra believes the team is better prepared this time around.
Narendra Kumar, 36 years, holds an MA degree in Political Science and was born in Pathena village in Rajasthan. He started riding at the age of 27, after which taking up the game of polo and show jumping came as a natural progression for him and is presently a zero handicap player. After the initial guidance from his coach, Narendra developed a strong passion for the game, so much so that he now says, “this sport is part of my life and I can’t live without it.” For Narendra, taking care of the horses and developing an understanding with them is what separates polo from other sports. He finds the polo played with the Manipuri ponies as mount totally different from the polo on regular horses. Narendra finds the Manipuri Ponies  “fantastic” but one needs at least a week to get used to them.
Daffadar Vijay Singh, 37 years of age, took up riding lessons after joining the army in 1997 and started playing polo from 2003 onwards. In a short period Vijay Singh made tremendous progress and was part of the winning Indian Army team of an army tournament held in Malaysia in 2006. He again featured in the winning India team of a four-nation tournament. Interestingly, Vijay Singh was also part of the India A team in 2014 Manipur Polo International Tournament which reached the semi-final stage.
Vijiay Singh is a 2 goals handicap player and credits his success as a polo player to his coach Brigadier S S Kashyap. He also trains horses for polo, show jumping and dressage. Besides he trains other polo player in the army including Ram Singh who is part of the present India A team.
Vijay Singh has been hearing about Manipur as the place where polo originated and feels it a great honour to be playing here.
Swur Ram Singh, 31 years old, a native of Bihar, also learned riding after he joined the army in 2005 and took to polo in 2010. And in five years time, in 2015 was selected for the Indian team to play international matches against Ghana.
Ram Singh plays for RVC and is coached by Brigadier S S Kashyap and Dfr Vijay Singh and he feels it an hounour to be playing besides his coach here in Manipur. He has lots of faith in his teammates and believes the team will do well this time around.
Ram Singh is very attached to horses and the game of polo and cannot stay away from them for long period. Even when he is on holiday and spending time with the family, if there is a game of polo he says he will  rush back to play.    

Elected local body members felt neglected; ZP, Pradhans and ward members not invited to NEDS or Sangai Festival

Imphal, Nov 25: Zilla Parishad members, Pradhans and Ward members who were elected in the recently held local body election for Panchayat felt neglected by the state government as they are being forgotten in the largest state tourism festival –The Sangai Festival. They are not only ignored by the organizing committee of the Sangai Tourism Festival but also not invited to attend the North East Development Summit held at City Convention Imphal on November 21 and 22.
Official source said that Adhyaksha and Upa Adhyaksha of each Zilla Parrishad had been invited both for the NEDS Summit and the officials have been informed to make sure that all elected local body members attend the NEDS summit as they have important role to play.
“We are elected by a democratic election by around half the voters of a constituency and we are not even invited for the inaugural function of the Manipur Sangai Festival”, a Zilla Parishad member said to this reporter. He further added that even after knowing that the elected local body members have important role in the making of a change, develop state, except for the Adhyaksha and the Upa Adhyaksha of the six Zilla Parishad, no members had been invited, when members of political parties are given VIP status to attend the summit.
“I am not the only one who is not invited but other colleagues who are in similar status with me have also been deprived of the rights to attend the summit leaving aside the Sangai Tourism Festival.
The two-day business summit of Northeast India and Association for South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries inked 39 agreements worth Rs. 4000-5000 crores with various investors.

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