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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 29 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

MLA K Sharat assures to rock the upcoming state Assembly session over discrimination of persons with disabilities

By- Konthoujam Gita Chanu
Trinamool Congress MLA K Sharat today assures to put up the issues being face by persons with disabilities in the upcoming winter session of Manipur Legislative Assembly which is set to begin from December 18.
“I will rock the state assembly for depriving the rights of my fellow disabled brothers and sisters”, K Sharat said.
In a function organized in connection with the grand feast for women with disabilities as a part of the Ningol Chakkouba celebration organized by International Handicapped Welfare Mission Khumbong at Ibudhou Korou Hanba Sanglen, the Trinamool congress MLAs said that many of the talented but handicapped persons who had brought laurels to the state by winning medals in different National Championship have been often deprived by the present government.
“When normal sports persons return back with medals or trophy in any national or international championship they were facilitated with even government post, but when a handicapped sport persons or talented craft persons brings laurels of the state in international or national arena they were left to celebrate at their own”, MLA Sharat lamented.
He questioned the reason for such discrimination towards the people who are born differently from normal people by the government of Manipur.

Ngangom Tejkumar, Director, Prosecution, of the Government of Manipur, who is also the legal advisor of International Handicapped Welfare Mission, who attended today’s function as guest of honour elaborated on the rights of the persons with disabilities.
MLA K Sarat is also one among the MLA who has been providing a some of rupees 200 each to 202 persons with disabilities of Konthoujam assembly constituency where he is representing.
Around 200 people mostly women and girl with disabilities attended today’s grand feast organized in connection with Ningol Chakkouba celebration.
“It is good for the government to reserve 3% seat in government jobs, but how many of the government institutions are following the guidelines provided by the PWD Act”, Tejkumar question.
He further said that all people especially those persons with disabilities should know the rights and other form of privilege provided by both the state and central government for promoting the standard of their living.
Prominent figure like, Padmashri, O Nabakishor, Ch. Bijyenti Devi, GP member, Th. Joychandra, Deputy Director, Social welfare and Th. Ghanbhir Singh Pradhan also attended as dignitaries in today’s function.

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Unemployed Veterinary doctors demand filling up of vacant post in the state veterinary department

Unemployed veterinary degree holders today demanded the government to fill up the vacant post at the State veterinary and Animals Husbandry department for serving both the department as well as the degree holders’ unemployed doctors.
In a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club, The All Manipur Unemployed Veterinary Doctors’ Association today said that even after knowing that there are over 50 vacant seats in the State Veterinary and  Animals Husbandry department, the government is not taking up any process to fill the vacant post.
“At present there are around 150 qualified veterinary doctors in the state and the government even after knowing that there are over 50 vacant posts no processes has been taken up”, said Th. Chaoba Devi, spokesperson of the Association.

She said that it is over 12 years no recruitment has been made to the state veterinary department, yet they are selecting at least 2 or 3 students as government nominee to study veterinary course to outside the state.
She further added that in May 7, 2011 a memorandum has been submitted to the state government to fill the vacant post. Later, as no response has been made the association against submitted another similar memorandum in April 11 , 2015 and as no response was received , the association having no other option had filed a case to the high court to urging the court for filling up of the post. The court after hearing the plea directed the state government to fill up the post in June, 2015. But till today no process has been taken up to fill the post, she lamented.

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Visitors rush festival venue on 9 day; entry tickets sells at Rs. 50 per head

Today the 9th day of Sangai Festival 2015, many visitors rush at the vanue where the Sangai festival is being organized.
Being sunday, different people of different tribes including adults and childrens, foreign delegates, officers and VIPs were seen at the vanue.
Traditional Huts, Imphal War Museum and Sand Art were the most view spot by the visitors so far. Among many stalls, there were some stalls which does not even shows the meaning of the festival. These stalls were seen selling of socks, toys, gun shooting, tattoos, etc. No visitors were unable to resist from visiting these said stalls as young beautiful girls were looking after the stall.
Most socking is that though the toilets at the vanue of the festival looks neat n clean, one has to pay a sum of Rs 5 to Rs 10 if they want to walk in and out of it.
To avoid the dust, water were spread to the ground but those water has form mud at the ground especially at the traditional huts venue.

Meanwhile, tickets for entry to the Sangai Festival venue were reportedly sells at rupees 50 per head at evening. At around 2 pm a visitor who called to the office of the Imphal Times said that a ticket counter at Thombuthong sold the ticket at rupees 30 per head. Police personnel present near the site did not intervene the the selling the entry ticket at higher rate.

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9th Manipur Polo International 2015; USA clinch Champion title

 The 9th Manipur Polo International 2015 organized as part of the Sangai Festival concluded today at the Imphal Polo Ground. The last day witnessed final match between USA and India. Team USA clinched champion title after defeating India in extra chakra as both team could not scores.
A formal function organized in the closing was attended by Chief Minister of Manipur O.Ibobi Singh, MLA O. Landoni, Social Welfare Minister Ak Mirabai, Panchayat Raj Minister and other special invitees.  A cash Prize of Rs 1 lakh along with a trophy was awarded to USA. While India was awarded a cash prize of Rs 50,000 along with a trophy. In the extra chukra the USA win the match by 5 -4 score as both the team has level the score as 4 each in the forth chukra.

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Secondary students of Jiribam Schools still deprived form regular classes

 Students of XI & XII of Jiribam Govt Higher Secondary School & Borobekra Govt. Secondary School have been deprived of their regular classes since Nov. 9 due to the ongoing cease work strike contract Lecturers.
Against the ongoing strike, Jiribam Higher Secondary Student Union had launched agitation & protest by even staging sit-in-protest in front of the schools by displaying placard - “Provide us sufficient Teacher” & “We want to attend and have regular class” for two days. On Nov. 16, the student Union gate was locked; but union still continue the agitation by going publicity campaign using loud speaker in whole area of Jiribam announcing that the Jiribam Higher Secondary School student union locked door will be open on 30 Nov. For filling forms if the upcoming in the interest of COSEM & BOSEM exam. Other student’s organisation AMSU, MSF, DESAM & KSA also appealed to the Govt & the AJICLA to bring resolution in the interest of the future academic career of Jiribam students. But on the contrary AJICLA still continue the cease work strike. One reliable source, it is stated that till today there has not been a single meeting between the Govt & the AJICLA to bring a solution to the issue for this reason, it is doubted that Jiribam students’ future would be at stake. Several action of people started asking why the Govt is not taking the issue seriously.
Mention may be made that AJICLA had already given memorandum to the concerned authority to provide Job security & regularisation for the teacher who has been working for around 20 yrs, as part time/contract lecturer; but no response was given by the Govt till today. In a special sitting it was resolved by AJICLA that the contact lecturer will cease working in the school until Govt give the response and AJICLA also stated that sub-division Jiribam 222km away from Imphal city doesn’t hence sufficient no of regular lecturer, Borobekra Govt Higher Secondary School lecturer are all contact lecturers and in jiribam Govt. higher Secondary School only 5 regular lecturer are provided by the Govt.  

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Free health camp

A free health check-up for children was held today at Shija Clinic Thoubal (SCT), Thoubal Achouba, Opp. Thoubal P.S. Free Consultation with Dr. Taorem Yaikhomba Khuman, Consultant Child Specialist & Neonatologist was provided during the Health Check-up camp. 40 patients were examined and free medicines were distributed to them as a part of the camp. The free Health Check-up camp started at 10:30 am and ended at 1:00 pm. 18 staffs of Shija Clinic Thoubal participated in the free Health Check-up camp.

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UNLF refutes police claims

Proscribed group UNLF today said that the person called Yaikhom Premkumar @ Ratan son of late Ibobi of Khurai Thoudam leikai at present staying at Lilong Chajing Karam is not a member of the outfit neither is related with the activities of the outfit. The individual was claimed to have been arrested by combined troop of Manipur Police and 12 Bihar Regiment on November 26.

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Principal St. Stephen College, Delhi visits Sainik school Imphal

 Revd. Dr. Valson Thampu, Principal of St Stephen College, Delhi visited Sainik School, Imphal yesterday. On arrival, he was welcomed by Lt Col Praveen Kumar, Officiating Principal, Sainik School, Imphal along with Sqn Ldr KV Sijomon, Vice Principal and staff of the school. During the visit, Reverend Dr. Valson took note of the academic facilities of the school and interacted with the staff and cadets of the school. While interacting with the cadets of class XII he emphasised on the importance of discipline and integrity in life for accomplishing success.  While responding to the cadets of Class XII, Dr. Valson expressed his satisfaction on consistent efforts of the faculty at the Sainik School towards grooming the young minds in the region and highlighted as to how the cadets and faculty members of St. Stephen College tirelessly perform to contribute towards nation building.  Acknowledging the desire of the cadets for higher studies, he also expressed his hope of meeting a few such youngsters in St. Stephen College in future.  Lt Col Praveen Kumar, Officiating Principal expressed the profuse gratitude on behalf of the faculty of Sainik School, Imphal to Revd. Dr. Valson Thampu for enlightening the cadets of the school.

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Media in armed conflict situation: Manipur Perspective

By : Dr. Aribam Ibomcha Sharma (IIS)
News Editor, All India Radio

The popular narrators of everyday happenings, the print, electronic and social media play a pivotal role in a democratic country. The principal democratic function of media is to act as a check on the state. The fourth pillar of democracy should monitor the full range of state activity and fearlessly expose abuses of official authority. Even if the publication and broadcast of news is at the embarrassment of the national and state governments, practice of the same should not be deterred if it is overweighed by public interest and impartial conscience of the journalists responds to divulge the same.
The process of information dissemination is not however without its biases and asymmetries. The media persons of all ilks are also human. They have their own socio-political, economic and religious affiliations. Even if the ethical codes of professional conduct of the fourth estate of democracy clearly solicit to observe and maintain truth, accuracy, fairness, impartiality, justice and social responsibility, the same cannot always be guaranteed in practice. The situation is more critical in armed conflict zones in comparison to regions of peace and tranquility. This is because of the reason that both the rival parties in the conflict situation and their supporting groups want to utilize the oxygen of publicity to serve their interest. At the same time, the media professionals working in such situations are more vulnerable to professional hazards.
Even though there is a convention from the time immemorial of not targeting messengers during the course of war or an armed conflict, the same is not honoured at times by the warring parties. In the past decade, as many as 1100 media persons and support staff have been killed all over the world. A major share of the journalists killed over the past decade is from the armed conflict zones and armed violent regions of the world.
Deeply concerned at the frequency of acts of violence, including deliberate attacks, in many parts of the world against journalists, media professionals and associated personnel in armed conflicts, the Security Council of the United Nations condemned such attacks and called on all parties on 23 December 2006 to put an end to such practices. The Council also recalled the war correspondents’ right to the status of prisoners of war(PoW) under the third Geneva Convention. According to the Convention, journalists, media professionals and associated personnel engaged in dangerous professional missions in the areas of armed conflict shall be considered as civilians, be respected and protected as such. In spite of the professional hazards likely to face, many a journalist are ever ready to cover armed conflict zones and the beat is their prime fodder.    Media’s interest in armed conflicts and communication politics: A Guide to Advanced Techniques in Journalism, prepared by the Editorial Study Centre of the Thomson Foundation, lists 20 categories of what makes news and conflict is positioned at sixth. Politics is unquestioningly at the top of the list. As armed conflict is a political problem, the coverage of the same in media is a top priority with catalytic effect. News of armed conflict and its relevant views contributed by strategic analysts, media commentators and policy researchers are hot cakes for the newspaper readers, radio listeners, television viewers and online news media and social media users.
 For the sake of circulation that will lead to earning more advertisement revenue, media need contents of armed conflict. The news and views of the armed conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Uganda  and Middle East are brought to the media audience around the globe by international news agencies - Reuters, AFP, AP, UPI, TASS etc. and the same contents are among the most read or heard or viewed items in newspaper, radio, television and online media. If the importance of conflict content is fueled by proximity, the coverage of the same is done at a more prominent page of print media or at a prime time slot of electronic media. Such editorial contents are regular features not only in national media but also in local media like daily newspapers published in Imphal. The quantum of coverage of news and views of armed conflict in the local media explains per se the demand of armed conflict in media.
The key role played by media during the course of an armed conflict is known to the nations or states and non-state parties who have stake in the conflict. Each party tries its best to win the media war first as the psychological war is fought first. If a party wins in the communication politics of armed conflict, success of the party is almost certain in the long run. This happened time and again in US led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and NATO-Serbia armed conflicts. Even if the group gets defeated physically, support of the international community will be with the group if it could have influenced the global media. Such communication politics really helped Kosovo in the long run and it could become a sovereign country recently.
In the present communication politics of the world, media framing of issues or media framing of individuals/groups/nations is really working very effectively. It is because of this reason that the majority view of the world is against Taliban, Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden while none of the organizations and Laden were terrorist when they were on the battle line to throw out the Russian forces from the soil of Afghanistan with the help of US intelligence network CIA.
The communication politics played by the West to influence the global media during the height of armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq shows the compelling necessity of winning media war beforehand. It is in this line that the US-led coalition force was criticized for intentionally targeting journalists who defied their command and also for bombarding the work places of Al-Jazeera TV in Baghdad and Kabul as the news organization is considered to be pro-Islamic. Media in Manipur is also facing bomb attack in newspaper office, editor’s residence and moreover physical liquidation and attempt of the same while the local journalists are shouldering the responsibility of informing the people of the state.
(To be contd................)

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