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Items filtered by date: Monday, 02 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

The mental equation

Times are a changing as everything ought to. Stuffs that were not even dreamt about are becoming devices and gadgets for everyday use. The peace of development and inventions is increasing at a dizzying pace and in a unbelievably complex manner. Every single gene in the human body can be identified, isolated and manipulated. Electricity can be transmitted without any wires or cables. Cars that run for more than a thousand kilometers with only a gallon of fuel is no more a fantasy today. Space travel or space tourism is here. Humans with embedded microchips can now manipulate and control his environment, well almost, as of now. Research and development in every field, being aided by sophisticated computers and robots, have quickened their pace and shortened their observation periods, leading to quicker results. It would not be much off the mark to say that the world as we know today is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. Through these radical changes and developments, one thing has withstood the test of time, proving to be an unseen and unaccounted yet determining factor that could make or mar everything else the human mentality.

The workings of the human mind emotions and feelings that cannot be quantitatively ascertained or expressed as an exactable scientific expression or equation, has remained an enigma a mystery that has not been unraveled till date. Here in lies the genesis of every conflict and differences. Societies created laws and statutes based on the greater good of the citizens, and a system of checks and balances to arbitrate, enforce and amend them. It is a perfect set up on paper. Unfortunately, the better reality is so far removed from the system so envisaged. We, the ordinary citizens are arrested and harassed for raising our voice against what we feel is unjust and wrong even threatened and shot by those who purpose to serve our motherland, whatever form that might take. The powers that be proclaims to work according to the wishes of the people, while the voice is subdued with threats and intimidation, or worse still, let the voice die out and be forgotten with time. And who are we to turn to for help when the terrorists are the army and police who are drug traffickers who are extortionists who are the influential and powerful? For us mere mortals, complaints and appeals entail the inherent risk of losing limb and life. Is what we are experiencing a replica of the so called jungle law? I’d like to think that a jungle law would be a far better option each one would then have a place in the set up. But then again, we are born equal. A prime minister is as human as a sweeper or a carpenter or a scientist. Each one is doing their bit for the society. The president of India or the Chief Minister of Manipur needs a weaver to weave a piece of fabric which will be sewn into a cloth by a tailor and sold at the market form where it will be brought for his use. We need to accept and embrace one another as our equals. The powerful ones wouldn’t have had a concrete mansion to hider within were it not for the masons and plumbers.

School headmaster killed on “Cow theft” charge;  Imphal-Yairipok road blocked

Tension grips Keirao Makting village over the death of a Primary school headmaster who was allegedly murdered on charge of “cow theft”. According to report, the lifeless body of Md Hasmad Ali @ Babu (55 years) S/o (L) Kasim Ali of Keirao Makting Sabal Leikai was found at Uchekon Moriba Thongkhong in Imphal East under Irilbung Police station in the wee hours of Monday morning.
The location where the dead body was found is just around 5 km away from the deceased’s house. Deceased Md Hasmad Ali is presently serving as Headmaster of Keirao Makting Govt Primary Madrasa. Family member of the deceased said that Md Hasmad Ali went out from home on Sunday evening at about 8 pm after having dinner to buy paan from a local paan shop. Since then, he never returned home.
Later on, his body was found murdered at Uchekon MoribaThongkhong in Imphal East today morning with bruise marks all over his body, local source said that the man was killed after severe physical assault. The source further revealed that Md Hasmad was killed by some people on the alleged charge of cow theft. A team of Irilbung police station retrieved the body from the spot and deposited to JNIMS morgue for autopsy.

A case has also been registered and investigation is on process. Meanwhile, a large number of Keirao Makting locals stormed the Irilbung police station demanding to produce the persons involved in the murder case.
The protestors also blocked Imphal-Yairipok road. A Joint Action Committee Against brutal killing of Md Hasmad Ali was also formed in a public meeting held at Keirao Makting Youth Clubground with Keirao Makting GP Pradhan Md juber Khan presiding the meeting.

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Bijoy Koijam, Joykishan files nomination

Congress will fight election on development agenda -CM

The by-election for Thangmeiband and Thongju Assembly constituencies is going to be a tough fight between the congress and the BJP. While the BJP is playing electoral politics blaming the corrupt Congress government led by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, the Congress said that the political party will fight the election on development agenda. Congress candidate for Thongju Assembly Constituency, Bijoy Koijam and BJP candidate for Thangmeiband Assembly constituency today filed their nomination at the respective returning officers at Imphal East and Imphal West. Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, MLA Ksh. Biren and JD (U) president N. Tombi accompanied the congress candidate while filing the nomination papers.
Speaking to reporters at Imphal East DC office, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh said that the congress party will fight the election on development agenda. He said the congress party will complete the railway track construction and will take up other developmental works. On the various allegations of corruption by BJP, O Ibobi said that his government is clean and every effort is being taken up to make corruption free state. He added that even the government has handed over the recruitment of government employees to Manipur State Public Service Commission and there is no question of corruption to appointment of employees. On being asked about the recent crisis regarding the appointment of primary teachers, the Chief Minister said that it would be subjudise to talk on the matter as the matter is with the court.
BJP is expecting central leaders to campaign for the coming election. As for the congress party, they did not invite any central leader. “Our state leaders are sufficient to campaign for the election as we know the problems of our state”, Okram Ibobi said.
The JD9U) is also supporting the Congress candidate as there is alliance between the two parties at National level.

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Stand off between AR and CDO at Moreh

Tension grief Moreh town after there occurred a standoff between Moreh Police Commando and the 24 AR personnel posted at Moreh. According to report reaching here the 24 AR trooper arrested two personnel of Moreh CDO at around 1.30 pm today. When the police commando unit officers approached the AR authority asking them to release the two, the AR reportedly turned down. Following that the CDO of Moreh Police came in full uniform along with their service weapon and tried to forcibly take the two arrested personnel. There occurred a standoff between the CDO and the AR personnel at Moreh disturbing normalcy.

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Irom Sharmila’s protest against AFSPA completes 15 years

A historic day went by quietly on Sunday as Human Right activist from Manipur. Irom Chanu Sharmila completed 15 years of her hunger strike against the Armed Forces (Special Power) Act 1958. The 42 year old, Manipuri started her fast in 2000, after the genocide of 10 innocent civilian by the Assam Rifles in Malom, Imphal. Amnesty International, on Sunday said it was “15 years of the selfless and unparalleled protest”.
A simple commemoration function was jointly organised by Women Action for Development, North East Dialogue Forum, United NGOs Mission-Manipur Imphal East, Samaritan Resource Centre, People’s Platform Secretariat, Village Women Coordinating Committee, Peoples’ for Human Right and Climate Change at Manipur Press Club today
Sharmila’s struggle to repeal AFSPA-1958 is the longest hunger strike in the world. It is also in the largest democracy in the world. India with intend decided not to respect the democratic and non-violence movement to repeal AFSPA. The people in North-East in general and Manipur in particular are under the Non-Commission Officer of Class VIII passed for the last 60 years. The people in Manipur are under military marshal law i.e. Armed Forces (Special Power) Act, 1958.
Sharmila has sacrifices her life to the cause of Human Rights in the world. In several occasion, she was inhumanly treated by the Government.
In 2013, the Supreme Court of India had exhaustive investigation against the killing of 7 persons (in 6 cases) and proved that the entire seven person were civilians. In any matter, they are not connected with any Armed Non-State actors. It is also further proves that most of them were killed after arrest and brutally tortured.
We strongly condemned such kind of brutal action of the Indian Armed Forces to the innocent civilians in Manipur.
In May 2015, AFSPA was imposed in 12 districts in Arunachal Pradesh without the knowledge of the State Government. After the people’s protest, Government of India withdraws the imposition of AFSPA from the 12 districts in Arunachal Pradesh. Here’s what we have to note that, if there is political will both Centre and Manipur Government can repeal AFSPA immediately.
In December 2014, Amnesty International India had also appealed to the Government of India to release Sharmila immediately and unconditionally. “The Indian Government’s decision to decriminalize suicide is in line with the increasing global trend. This move should lead to the immediate release of Irom Sharmila, who has been held in detention merely for exercising her freedom of expression in peaceful manner” Shailesh Rai, Programme Director at Amnesty International India, had said.
The British Medical Association, in a briefing to the World Medical Association, has said that, “hunger strike is not equivalent to suicide. Individuals who embark on hunger strikes aim to achieve goals important to them but generally hope and intend to survive.”
Shri R.N. Ravi made a statement on December 2013 at Puducherry to repeal AFSPA. We deeply appreciate the courage of Union Government of India to withdraw AFSPA from Tripura since May 2013. However, it is there but not operational.
On 31st May 2015, Major Aditya Kapoor was involved in shooting in Setu Aimol village under Chandel District and killed a woman. On 6th April 2015, the Commanding Officer Mr. Rajiv Choudhury shouted “COME OUT ALL WOMEN, NOW THE WAR HAS BEGUN. I COMMAND 2000 SOLDIER”. What action has taken against his behavior which openly and officially declared war in Manipur?
Earlier, we experienced that many women were raped and murder by the Security Forces under Armed Forces Special Powers Act. It is very upset to know that Indian Army use raped as an instrument of war under the UN Security Council Resolution 1820.This is war crime.
The meet demand release Irom Sharmila immediately and repeal AFSPA from Manipur and urged to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to investigate all the cases of extrajudicial execution, sexual violence against Thangjam Manorama and punish the members of the Indian Armed Forces according to Indian Law and International Law.
The meet also urge to Government of India to provide compensation and rehabilitation of the victims.

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Convention on Repeal of AFSPA held at New Delhi

On the occasion of the completion of 15 years of hunger strike, a Convention on Repeal of AFSPA was held at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi yesterday co-organized by Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign (SSSC), Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), Students Islamic Oganisation (SIO), Bonded Labour Liberation Front, Just Peace Foundation (JPF), FORUM ASIA, Human Rights Alert (HRA).
Neingulo Krome, Secretary General of Naga People’s Movement for Human, extended solidarity to Irom Sharmila and higlighted the increase of Army atrocities to the civilians after singing of the 3 August Peace Agreement. 
Swami Agnivesh, eminent activist and spiritual leader, calls the religious groups to break their silence on the human rights abuses.
Prof. Nandini Sunder shared two heart-rending stories of applicant to the Irom Sharmila Scholarship for students coming from AFSPA affected areas. She demanded citizen in AFSPA should not be treated as sub-human.
Babloo Loitongbam of Human Rights Alert expressed his happiness that they are sharing the platform with NPMHR after a long time. He brought out the increasing challenge of meeting Sharmila after the new Home Ministry Notification, which requires prior-permission and hefty deposit of rupees one lakh. He also brought out the fact that Sharmila has be remanded attest 365 time on the same false charge of attempt to suicide and yet the democratic community of this country fail to generate political pressure to expose this falsehood. Prof. Deepti Priya Mehrotra, author of Irom Sharmila’s book Burning Bright, admired her persistent struggle and pointed out the she is a practitioner of “Philosophical Non-violence” and not just “Strategic Non-Violence”.  She called for the wind of solidarity to blow from all sides.
Prof. Sanjoy Hazarika, member of the Reevan Reddy Committee, summed up AFSPA an execution without trial. He pointed out that this law clearly discriminates amongst citizens.
Advocate Ashoka Aggarwal, striking slightly despondent note, expressed his lack of hope of any significant change in the near future to would lead to AFSPA being repealed. He blamed his pessimism on the entrenched political economy of the conflict that continues to fuel this impunity.
Henri Tiphange, Chairperson of FORUM ASIA, calling Sharmila’s 15 years hunger strike as a brave struggle against injustice, appealed for solidarity from across India.
Chinglen of the North East International Solidarity invited everyone to participant in the one-day hunger strike at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar to commemorate Sharmila’s 15 years of selfless struggle.       

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