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Mr. CM, it should be Rivers in Imphal and not only Imphal River

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s serious concern to the flash flood, which had breached River Banks at many places, is indeed the need of the hour. There may be many reasons of the flash flood which had inundated many homes in valley area but one common notice is the constructions of structures on the river bank.
 ‘Mora’ Cyclone was considered reasons for heavy rains in NE states particularly in Manipur and subsequent floods and Mudslide in the state during June first week.
When the impact of the Mora Cyclone flood is yet to be recovered Monsoon Rains started sprinkling to neutralize the summer hit. The nature’s cycle turns devastation. Overnight torrential rains overflow almost all major Rivers in Imphal. Several homes were inundated living many homeless as River water over flows and breached at many places.
Construction of infrastructures on the bank of rivers is also one reason for the uncontrolled flash flood . When Mr. Chief Minister said that his govt. is all set for clearing up all construction along the River banks of Imphal River, he did really showed his concerns. But what about other structures that are constructed, giving obstacle to the river flow at Nambul, Iril, Thoubal, Wanjing river etc.

It is has been discussed time and again that the massive deforestation that has been taking place in catchment area of rivers flowing in Imphal is the cause of this artificial flood. Why don’t our Chief Minister think of some long lasting plan to solve the artificial flood.
The need of the hour is to co-ordinate the Forest Dept., Ecology and Environment wing as well as other concern dept. like the IFCD, PWD etc.  
Let the future generation talk about the good works of Today’s govt. led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh by making sure that no artificial flood occurs in the future.

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