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The task ahead

The inauguration of Sanjenthong Bridge is not enough, if wanted to win the heart of the people of the state more had to be done, besides changing the present system. If one is asked to think of two words that would best describe the present working system of the Government and its various Departments, more often than not, the words would be “Confusion” and “Corruption”, but this does not mean that there is no other word that can be used. Miscommunication, inefficiency, favouritism, mismanagement, absenteeism- attributes that has come to be synonymous with Government functioning. Yet we have seen at times that the Government and its Departments have, in spurts, managed to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks and projects in record time- that they can rise to any challenge and face it successfully. For a society to develop, a holistic approach is very essential. Making things work in fits and bounds would only make a farce of whatever precious little progress we have managed to accomplish. It would require a very proactive and prominent role from the judiciary if we ever aspire to bring in real change in our society. Curtailing the brash attitude of the often high-handed nature of the security forces or fighting the rampant corruption being practiced in almost every sphere of public domain needs the support and encouragement of the judicial system to become effective. A swift and stern justice system would surely deter many from tempering with the law, if not altogether contain it. Such a scenario would also revive the will of the common people to demand their rights and dispense their duties without fear or apprehension. The Government, on its part should come clean on various issues and try to make a clean start. The unspoken nexus of power and fear will not augur well for anybody, least of all for those who use them in their pursuit of personal advancement. Until and unless those at the helm of affairs have the integrity to discharge their duties and responsibilities, no law or directives will make any sense or serve any purpose. In this age and time when any information can be accessed with the touch of a button, trying to fool the people and underestimating their intelligence will surely prove to be a costly mistake. One does not need to draw up grand designs and mammoth schemes to initiate development. When each and every arm of the Government has done their bit, then the big picture will emerge itself as it ought to be. All everyone need is a sense of belonging, of responsibility and a spirit of participation, and the public should join in with an open mind instead of sitting back and being mere spectators waiting to point out every little mistake and make it out into a mountain, to complete the picture. 

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