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Campaign for IMC election gear up in Imphal

Imphal, May 17: Scrutiny for the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) will be held tomorrow. Election for the Municipal body will be held on June 2 and the last date for withdrawal of the nomination paper is today.
On the last date for withdrwal of the nomination paper none of the congress and BJP candidates had withdrawn their candidature.

Political parties have now gear up election campaign at their respective wards to assure victory for the candidates. Besides the BJP and the Congress some of the Independent candidates are in the fray.

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HERICOUN observes 14th Foundation Day: announces clear stand on the demand for ST; calls opposers for open debate

Imphal, May 16: The battle line between groups of people supporting the demand for Scheduled tribe Status for Meitei and Meetei and those opposing the demand is becoming clearer as both the supporters and opposers now take public platform and started justifying their stance.
When group of people who are against the demand are conducting series of peoples’ convention at different places, President of the Ethno Heritage Council (HERICOUN) Manipur Longjam Ratankumar today said that those standing against the demand for ST status for the Meitei and Meetei still fails to convince the reason on why the demand should be opposed.
Speaking during the 14th Foundation Day of HERICOUN held today at GM Hall Imphal, Ratankumar said that the various problem being faced by the Meitei/ Meetei people in survival will find its solution only after the conversion of the Meitei / Meetei to Scheduled Tribe.
“Unless we convert into ST there is means to safeguard the Meitei Meetei people”, said the President of HERICOUN.
Criticizing those standing against the demand for ST status, Ratankumar said that opposing to the demand is unfortunate.
“Why should those who oppose the demand campaign instead of coming to the office and discussed over the issue”, Ratankumar asked.
He said that the ST demand committee had been there since 2011 and their office too is widely open for any discussion. Instead of going to the newspaper or public platform, the matter should have been well discussed.

The demand for ST is nothing but to bring harmony in the community.
Wangkhem Sharatcandra , President of the Assam Meitei Apunba Lup elaborated the condition of the indigenous Manipuri people in Jiribam. While delivering his speech as the Chief Guest of the Foundation day of HERICOUN, Sharatchandra calls on all those who oppose the ST demand and those supporting the demand to have an open debate.
“Let us have a debate, and let the people decide whether we need status like ST or not”, Sharatkemar said.
Giving factual data of the population figure of Jiribam Sub Division as according to the census record, Sharatchandra said that in 1951 census report the population was only 7767 in Jiribam. Among this Meitei population is the highest with a total of 2273 and Bangali reaching 1429.
In 2011 census report the population figure reached 44,836. Among this Meitei / Meetei and other indigenous tribal community population s only 29,222. When the population of Bangali and other outsiders is over 15,616.
The movement of ILPS got strong opposition from outsiders settling in Jiribam, Sharatchandra said. Even the media based at Silchar report propaganda opposing the ILP movement.
The 14th Foundation day of HERICOUN was also attended by R.T. Akhel Aimol, President of the Aimol tribe Union as the Guest of Honour

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ILP, ST burning issues; AFSPA off the radar
The Battle line is clearly drawn now. It is once again the resurgent BJP pitted against the battle hardened Congress. Some even likened this upcoming election of the Imphal Municipal Corporation to the semi-final bout of the 2017 general election.
Election for the 27 wards of IMC will go on poll on June 2. Filing of nominations will close tomorrow. Both the congress party and the BJP are equally strong in this local body election. This is stated because Congress is ruling the state with absolute majority in the state assembly and BJP on the other hand is leading the government at the center with absolute majority. The contenders could not have been any other. Clearly, it is the Congress and the BJP in the two opposing corners of this ensuing political bout.  
As for the congress, the party is fielding candidates in all the 27 wards, similarly the BJP is also fielding candidates in all the wards. As for the BJP the party is having problem announcing the name of the candidate for ward No. 3 in Thangmeiband Assembly constituency. No matter a solution will be sorted out soon and before the closing of the nomination filing the BJP is expected to finalise its candidate.  
With the notification, election fever has once more spread across the state. This IMC election is getting tougher, the ruling congress party which is having absolute majority in the 60 member Manipur State Legislative Assembly house has to spend more energy and efforts than ever before.
Election is mandatory and essential for a democratic country like India. It is during election time that most of the crucial issues are put up and some of the political party even put some of the issues as their election manifesto, whether they fulfilled whatever was promised or not. For sure, some of the star campaigners of both the congress and the BJP will bring up the hot issue about the ILPS, some may go for the ST demand issue. But one thing sure: neither of the two parties will put the issue of AFSPA and fake encounter case in their manifestoes- the glaringly undeniable reason being that both the national parties have little interest to the protracted issue of Manipur. Their larger interest is getting more candidates.
The candidates and the star campaigners will go all out to make their candidates win more seats and the mechanism will be on how tactful they are in buying the voters.
It is for sure the election campaign will reach its peak in the coming days and subsequently the burning issues of the state which disrupted the normal life of many people including complete shutdown of educational institutions will be dissected, discussed and judged.
As for the Okram Ibobi Singh- led administration, this is a sign of relief- a much needed and timely distraction. All those hue and cries will vanish as IMC election reaches its fevered pitch.

All Political Party delegation sets to leave for New Delhi

As soon as we get appointment of the PM and President we will leave – N Biren

Imphal, May 16: All political party delegation is all set to leave for New Delhi to apprise the central government leadership to get assent of the 3 ILPS related Bills passed by the state legislative Assembly on August last year.
Rumours spread about the cancellation of the all political party delegation proposed visit to New Delhi, however when Imphal Times contacted congress spokesperson N Biren it was stated that the delegation is waiting for the appointment of the President, Prime Minister and the Home Minister.
“ As soon as we get appointment we will leave for New Delhi and apprise the central leadership to get presidential assent of the three Bills passed by the state legislative Assembly. When asked about the exact date, Biren said that the appointment will be given in one or two days.
Regarding the postponement of the proposed visit today, Biren said that date for visit was not fixed as it was important to get appointment of those required to meet.

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