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Oil transporters begin cease work strike; long queue of vehicles seen at Oil depot

Imphal, Nov 23: Imphal today witness panic buying of petrol and diesel at almost all petrol and diesel filling station after oil tankers launched steering down strike since yesterday protesting the tender notification by the IOC.
Long line of vehicles – both two wheelers and the four wheelers were seen today at almost all petrol and diesel filling station.
The oil tankers’ body today staged protest demonstration holding placards denouncing the tender process of the IOC.

In a press conference held yesterday, Secretary of All Manipur Petroleum Product Transporters’ Association , A Tamphayaima, had stated that they are not satisfied with the tender process of the IOC. The association had submitting memorandum to the Manipur government for modification of the tender for oil transporters last year but so far no action has been taken up.
Protesting the failure to listen to the demand, the oil tanker transporters today launched the cease work strike and said they will continue till the demands are met.

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Prime focus: Thanks Dr. Nirala Sinha for highlighting Manipur and Sangai Festival

People of the state are soured with the trend of VIP or VVIP culture. Men in the government had promised to abolish these cultures and at the beginning some sort of initiatives. But there are still lots to change.
November 21 incident at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport here in Imphal at which a lady doctor confronted Union Minister of State for Tourism over the delay of her flight scheduled is the factual revelation of the present state of Indian citizen. What is more interesting is that – the incident happened in Manipur, a state which most people of the country have failed to consider it as a very integral part of the country. This part of the Indian sub-continent has never been in the mainstream National Media for any good reason, yet people have brought laurels many a time for the country in the field of sports, culture and of course at many other fields.
For reason best known to those running mainland media houses particularly the electronic medium TV channels, a tourism festival which showcases all the rich traditional heritage of the region, which invites people from across the globe to take a view of the beautiful landscape of the state, is of no interest to them. Most time events which picture the ugly truth of the state has been what is important to the mainstream National media. It is no wrong to say that Manipur has been portray as a place of bloodshed many a times by national media.
Now coming to the November 21 incident of Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, the incident is in one way a blessing to the state of Manipur.
It serves two proposes – 1) immediate needs of the govt. attention over the kind of inconveniences being faced by common people while making arrangement for full prove security of VVIPs locomotion; 2) The Sangai Tourism Festival, Manipur’s biggest tourism festival, which had never find room for publicity at National Media has been enabled to reach out to almost all states of the country.
On a deeper look to the incident, there are certain things that immediately come to the mind of every Manipuri. If supposed Dr. Nirala Sinha, the lady doctor who confronted the Tourism Minister, happen to be from among the communities of the state, what would have been the fall out of that incident? Will the National Media takes up the issue? Will she be treated as a concern citizen of the country?
This is being questioned as there is a case of a young Meitei Manipuri lady detained in police custody for voicing against the airport security force (CISF) some months back. Fortunately no charges had been leveled against that Manipuri lady, but she had to cancel her flight the day she was scheduled to board besides staying a night at Singjamei police station.

With this facts and circumstances, if Dr. Nirala Sinha happens to be a Manipuri, she would be now in police custody and no national media will picked her story. This is not just assumption but reality.
On the other hand, the Manipur Sangai Festival which the Govt. of Manipur is organizing with much enthusiasm by even inviting the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, still fails to draw any special attention from the National Media, especially the giant electronic media of the country.
The incident, though in about citizens concern and their rights, it is definitely related with the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind, who had inaugurated the Manipur Sangai Tourism Festival.
So by picking up this specific issue of a young lady doctor confronting a Union Minister at Imphal Airport, the National Media had in one way tells the country that Manipur’s largest tourism Festival is being underway.   

‘Conducive situation for growth of tourism in the state’

Imphal, Nov. 23: Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution Minister Karam Shyam said the overall situation in the State has improved which is conducive for growth of Tourism.
The Minister was speaking during the Lakeview Cultural show at Takmu, Loktak as part of Manipur Sangai Festival 2017. He said the State has witnessed visible improvement in law and order situation and progress in basic infrastructures which is accelerating the growth in Tourism sector. The Government is committed to not only to sustain the change but also to consolidate it further, he added.
Minister Karam Shyam also stated that Manipur Sangai Festival offers a glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of Manipur. He also said that enormous amount of investments is required to reap the potentials. He said the cultural diversity, long civilization history, attractive historical places, heritage sites and beautiful landscapes makes our State a unique natural tourist destination. The Government is taking up large number of tourism projects with the financial assistance from the Centre. Major tourists circuits have been developed across the State and more projects are in the pipeline. Minister Karam Shyam appealed to large business houses particularly from outside the State to invest and take advantage of the huge potential that exists in tourism, real estate and hospitality sectors.
Dr Sapam Ranjan Chairman, Tourism Corporation of Manipur Limited said Manipur is melting pot of culture and ethnic diversity. We must maintain and strengthen the bond of love and brotherhood through the vehicle of tourism.
As part of the cultural show, the laser show enthralled the audience. Boat rally with torches highlighting the daily lifestyle of fishing community of Loktak drew the attention of the audience. Music and dance performances were also presented during the Lakeview cultural show.

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NSCN-K sets new directives for tax collection

Imphal, Nov 23: Proscribed group NSCN-K today directed Dy. Kilonser, Hripunii refrain himself from causing disruptions or interference in the jurisdiction clearly specified for the Revenue Ministry in any manner or style.
In a press statement, the outfit said that unwarranted and unauthorized exercise of power by Hripunii, Dy. Kilonser in the Southern Chapter(Manipur) has hampered smooth functioning of the revenue Ministry. It said that tax payers are also being harassed and threatened.
The statement of the NSCN-K also appealed tax payers to co-operate with the Revenue Ministry headed by Kilonser Starson and not to succumb to the threats and intimidations issued by unauthorized officials. It said any payment made to any authority other than Kilonser of Revenue will be considered null and void.

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