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CM Biren terms Tera blast “Terrorist Act”; KCP claims responsible; people protests

Imphal, Oct 14: Manipur Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh has termed yesterday’s blast at temporary amusement park Tera Lukram Leirak that injured 11 persons including a lady and a minor as Terrorist act while the KCP claims responsible of the blast.
In his Facebook post, Chief Minister N. Biren said, “I strongly condemn the blast; this is a terrorist act and nothing else”, “I do share the sentiment of the victim families”.
Meanwhile, Banned militant outfit Kangleipak Communist Part (Peoples War Group), in an email circulated to local media houses, has claimed responsible for powerful bomb blast at the amusement park. The outfit has expressed “satisfaction” over the blast and warned the local people against participation in fairs and carnivals.
In the past too, the outfit had warned people against the practice of gambling and participation in local fairs.

Among the injured persons a woman and a child received serious injuries in the blast and their condition remained critical.
The bomb exploded at around 7 pm. The explosive was suspected to be a hand grenade as police later recovered a hand grenade lever.
Meanwhile, locals of Tera today protested against the blast condemning of triggering the grenade at crowded public place.  

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Oct. 15 retrospection

The merger of Manipur to the Indian Union in October 15, 1949 after the controversial signing of the merger agreement between Maharajah Bodhachandra and the representatives of the Indian Union on September 21 of the same year at Shillong is the root of all mayhem in the present state of Manipur.
For years people of the state have been witnessing several rebel groups observing October 15 as “Black Day” by freezing all wakes of live under the spell of general strike or total shut down. Already armed opposition groups operating in the region had already called total shut down in the region resisting the merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the Indian Union.
The rebels do have their cause in calling the day general strike or total shut down and most surprising thing is the irresponsive attitude of both the state and central government to the calls made on this day. The silence of both the state and central government seems to be a clear indication on the righteousness to the call of the rebel or else why shouldn’t there be any statement from the government authority regarding the reasons that the rebels had put forward justifying their cause.
A stitch in time save River Nine – the saying should be well think upon. For someone who wanted to go deep into the genesis of all this chaos arisen out of the conflict we certainly do have reason to blame the Central government authority for all the present state of our state.

In his book “Open Secret”, Maloy Krishna Dhar, the then joint director of the SIB, an intelligent agency had categorically stated the political and economic condition of the state. As according to him he had submitted reports on why the youths especially the Meitei had frustration to the merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the Indian Union terming it as ignorance from the part of the Union government authority. It was in the late 60s that intelligent agency had understood and further cautioned the Union leadership about the possible raise of a separatist movement as an outcome of negligence and proper understanding about the problem of the state.
Points here we wanted every guardian of the country’s constituency is the need of special attention to the problem of the state. A mere policy for awarding rehabilitation package to some of the rebel groups and signing of peace deal or cease fire is not a lasting solution. Rather it would bring major problem to the state.
A wrong is a wrong, and a right is always right. What is wrong in correcting the wrongs? India now is emerging as a super power and it is not wrong to speculate in the possible interference of external force to distort the country’s unity. The only means to strengthen the ties of the country’s unity is through proper clarification on what had been committed before. It was a fact that people in the state believed that merger of Manipur with the Indian Union was Illegal- a resolution adopted by a peoples’ convention held at GM Hall Imphal in 1993.
Now the mindset of the youth had changed a lot, no individuals are fool enough to be driven by some cheap provocative propaganda. So it is better the government accept what has happened before and should sort out the conflict with proper understanding. After all, rebels waging war are also human beings.

Tune out within dark 

By: Indrakanta Ngangbam
Imphal, Oct. 14:  Hope and persistence can make everything possible. It is seen in a Pena artiste who lost both her kidneys and woke up from the death bed to promote the traditional musical art of the state representing cultural shows in different parts of the globe and nurturing young folk art lovers.
Trained under the guidance of Padmashree Khangembam Mangi,  Ngasam Durgeshori Devi became a Pena exponent contributing in the promotion of the unique Pena music of traditional Manipur showcasing in different platforms. However, remained like an unsung personality.
When this journalist came across her, the history she narrated about her career and struggle turned out to be iconic besides her unpopularity among the masses.
Ngasam Durgeshori, a 33 years old girl from Thangmeiband Lourung Purel Leikai, Imphal was fond of music since her early childhood when she was in class III.  She learnt Hindustani modern music and traditional dance during her early life.  After she entered the Jawaharlal Manipur Dance Academy in Imphal she became acquainted with the Pena, traditional musical art/traditional musical instrument.
 ”I love and practice various types of music and dances, but decided to take up Pena with the motive to promote our less listened music inherited to the people through generations. It appeared as if it remained practiced only in rituals in festivals like Lai Haraoba”, said Durgeshori.
“I was very happy when my parents bought me a harmonium, but I was even more happy when I get a Pena”, said Durgeshori.  
She said she practices Pena to promote traditional art form which is less popular to the youth and feared for extinction with the emerging different forms of modern music. Pena was not practiced by woman in early days, but today it became acquainted with girls too, added Durgeshori.
She is one best among few girls who practice Pena. She is the only girl Pena artiste who was rewarded scholarship by the ministry of culture, Young Talent Scholarship, 2011. She was associated with Laihui, a popular traditional musical organization, in the state.
She teaches the local youth the art when she gets time out of her busy schedules. She has also produced a girl child Pena artist who was rewarded national scholarship, which too was the first for a girl child to get a scholarship in Pena.
She is at present working at Anjika society for Manipuri dance and moment therapy musical institute at Kolkata as a multi art performer and instructor. At the same time she is also serving as music and dance guru in a school in Imphal.
Durgeshori travelled in different parts of the world like Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore China etc. She remains busy travelling throughout the nation and abroad showcasing the unique art of Pena and its associated folk dances and ballets.     After graduation she completed her master’s degree at Manipur University in Dance. 
During her career she was diagnosed with both kidney failures in 2013.  A couple of years went by and she got her kidney transplant at AIIMS, Delhi. She was almost death with the Hemoglobin content just at 1 (four) as against the normal 12.5. She didn’t lost hope.
“While I was lying weak in the hospital bed, I sing the lyrics of Pena in my heart and mind even though I couldn’t sing them out. I believed I will live and sing loud”, said Durgeshori.
After her transplant she struggled recollect her knowledge and began to write musical lines and slowly picks up the lost vocal and the tune of Pena out of her darkest part of life. She resumes her performances and continue teaching and preaching the folk art.
She got the kidney form her younger brother. Durgeshori is the only girl among four children in the family.
“It was unbelievable that she survived and remains courageous with even after both kidneys were failed, I admire her spirit. But sad, nobody knows the reality”, said Th. Sangeeta, national award winner in dance.
She said there are different forms of Pena of different tribes in Manipur. If a common platform is given and organised Pena festivals regularly, it will certainly help in bringing positive integrity in the state. She also said the appearance of Tangkhul during Lai Haraoba festival shows that the hill and valley people are brothers. Lai haraoba festival is incomplete without a Tangkhul Lad with his spear. ”Pena can remove the division between the hill and valley people in the state.
After returning from Indonesia, Brunei, and Cambodia after showcasing my performance, I was preparing to perform at Singapore. However I became sick and doctors told me of failure of both the kidneys. It was my most socking part in Life. My career was seized while I was at AIIMS. I was worried if I could come back. But the determination and faith in God has brought me to how I am today. During my dialysis I didn’t stop writing notes of the music and practice when I can sit up. With the blessings of the almighty and my determination I am able to continue. Said Durgeshori.
Her life never ends to struggle. Her parents were daily earners. Her beloved mother passed away last year after suffering in hospital with cancer. Her father who is a Mukna (traditional sport) exponent remains weak.
She never shows off her woes to anyone, remained singing the Pena. Durgeshori is jolly to all and one can see only smiles on her face every time. 
She is still surviving with costly medicines being procured by her own earning while at the same time supporting her family. She regularly visits hospital for checkups. Her Pena tune never fails to fill the neighbouring air everyday.  

Bomb placed at MLA’s residence

Imphal, Oct 14: A Chinese made hand grenade was found today at the residence of Sekmai Assembly Constituency, Heikham Dingo at Khurkhul Awang leikai at around 7.00 am today. The hand grenade was found lying near a Gul Mohar tree at the premises of the MLA’s residence.
Police bomb disposal squad team which arrived at the spot retrieved the hand grenade. Report said that those placing the bomb might not have wanted to blast it or either they have no idea of how to blast the bomb, as the hand grenade was found without pulling the lever. No organisation or individual has claim responsibility for the placing of the hand grenade.

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