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State all set for Khongjom Day celebration

Imphal,April 22

The stage is all set for the state Khongjom Day celebration tomorrow in remembrance of the first Anglo-Manipur war in which many a patriots like Paona Brajabashi and Chinglensana and their troops laid their lives for sake of Manipur.
Like every year a state function has been organized at the Kheba Ching in Thoubal district tomorrow, which will be attended in all likelihood by the Governor Dr.Najma Heptula and the Chief Minister N.Biren as the chief guest and the president respectively.
According to an official source, the formal observation will start from 9 am tomorrow with the arrival of the chief guest and the president of the state function, which will be followed by the offering of floral wreaths at the Khongjom war memorial with a contingent of the Manipur Rifles maintaining the guard of honour general salute, Reverse Arms, sounding of last post two minutes silence, slope arms and order arms.

This will soon be followed by the laying of floral wreaths at the Paona Brajabashi statue and the main observation of the function the offering of tarpan (religious offering) at the Khongjom river.
Meanwhile, in view of the visit of the heads of state tomorrow, the state home department has made heavy deployment of state security forces along the route leading from Imphal to Khongjom and the peripheries of the Khongjom Kheba ching since this evening.
According to an official source maximum state security will be provided at Kheba Ching, Khongjom and its surrounding areas with the commanding officers of the IRB Battalions along with their respective JCOs and escort parties being deployed around the area.
The same source added that the additional security of the CO 3rd IRB (commando battalion) with escorts, SP, Imphal West with escorts, SI/ASIs, Traffic Control Police personnel and Women constables  under the command of SP Thoubal will be deployed along the VIP route tomorrow.

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Tree plantation drive

Thoubal, April 22

In Connection with World ”Earth Day” a tree plantation drive on ”Plant A Tree Get Oxygen For Free”  was organised by the Leo Club of Thoubal at the Kshetri Sanglen area Under the Leo District 322 D today.
More than 100 seedlings were planted during the drive which was organised to conserve the environment.

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PPFA calls for genuine space to citizenship debates

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, April 22

Expressing concern over creating sentiments with unhealthy debates and aggressive attacks over the organizations, which reportedly supported the Centre’s initiative to amend the citizenship laws at the Joint Parliamentary Committee hearing in New Delhi recently, the Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) insists on rational debates over the pertinent issue. The forum, in a statement issued to the media, claims that a section of Assamese intellectuals and civil society groups have tried their best to project the citizenship amendment bill 2016 in a bias perception as if the whole initiative is Assam centric. “Those biased individuals have made the hue and cry that once it turns into a law, millions of Bengali Hindu people from Bangladesh would be dumped into Assam and the practice will continue for decades. So whoever supports the initiative (s)he should be termed as Jatidrohi (read anti Assamese),” said the PPFA statement. They cleverly avoided the  fact that  those asylum seekers are not merely Bengali Hindus, but also a mix of Rajbongshi, Hajong, Jayantiya, Bishnupriya, Chakma, Garo, Khasi, Adivasi etc people. Moreover, all these people became the victims of Pakistan’s partition game plan and had to live in a foreign land, for the creation of which they were not at all responsible, added the statement. It also clarifies that the initiative is meant to allow citizenship
for those  Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Jain and Parsi community refugees, who were persecuted because of their religions practices in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and had already taken shelter in India prior to  31 December 2014, and there is no provision to bring more Bangladeshi (or Pakistani and Afghan national) after the said date. Extending supports to the initiative, the PPFA however demanded that the asylum seekers from the neighbouring countries must be distributed judiciously  across the country. Moreover, those who prefer to stay legally in Assam, they should  adopt the Assamese language as their medium of instruction, the forum asserted. “Adopting the Assamese language as the medium of official language by those settlers would help in promoting the Assamese culture and also contributing for a stronger and safer India. Their goodwill will also remove the linguistic threat perception hunting the indigenouspopulace of Assam,” the statement pointed out. The PPFA also reiterated its old stand to detect all illegal immigrants from the then East Pakistan (and later Bangladesh) with the cut-off year of 1951 as it is applicable to the entire nation. It argued that the spirit of Assam Movement (1979 to 1985) was to deport all foreigners since 1951, for which over 850 martyrs-Khargeswar Talukder being the first, sacrificed their lives. The forum also claims that the immigrants who entered India between 1951 and 16 December 1971 should be treated as East Pakistani nationals, as Bangladesh emerged as a sovereign nation only after 16 December (not 25 March 1971 as often reported in the media) following the surrender of Pakistani forces under the leadership of AAK Niazi to the Muktijoddhas (forces of Bangladesh freedom struggle). It clarified that Bangla father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman only declared the independence of Bangladesh on 25 March of 1971. But till 16 December of the year, the land was very much under the Pakistani authority and hence it cannot be termed as Bangladesh (so the residents as Bangladeshi nationals), the statement added. Finally the PPFA statement concluded that if the deportation of illegitimate immigrants becomes impossible (or very difficult) because of serious humanitarian and international crisis, the Union government in New Delhi should think about offering work permits (without voting rights) for them to resolve the issue amicably.
Endorsed by Rupam Barua, Nava Thakuria, Jagadindra Ray Choudhury, Pramod Kalita, Kishour Giri, Arup  Koch, Anup Sarma, Dayal Krishna Nath, Azizur Rahman Saikia, Dhiraj Goswami, Upananda Kataki, Oken Jeet Sandham, Bidhayak Das, Anirban Choudhury, Ujjal Saikia, Rubee Das, Prarthana Hazarika, Rhituparna Das, Manjori Borkotoky, Sonit Kumar Goswami, Bijoy Sarma, Bikash Kumar Das, Rajib Chowdhury, Smriti Divya Barua, Namrata Datta, Bhaswati Sharma, Babita Sarma, Sewali Kalita,
Kuntala Chakrabarty, Sanjeeb Kalita, Bhuban Saikia, Anujata Talukdar, Pallabi Borah, Utpal Sarma, Pankaj Kr Borah, Simanta Sharma, Kaushik Chakraborty, Prasanta Chakraborty, Dhruva Saikia, Mridul Kr Chakrabarty, Navadeep Bharali, Kisor Sarma, Ghameswar Kalita, Mridul Kumar Handique, Manoj Khandelwal, Diganta Saharia, Mrinmoy Buragohain, Sandeep Sarma, Chandra Kumar Saikia, Mitali Ozah, Padmini Hazarika, Niren Barman, Brajajyoti Sarma, Sewali Sarma, Upasana Sarma, Rashmi
Sarma, Tarali Chakrabarty, Ajoy Hazarika, Parthaprodip Bora, Nirod Kr Haloi etc for the PPFA.

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Songs of the dark days

Times are a changing- but the sort of changes happening in our state is nothing to write home about- or rather everything that should be made public.

It has become a breeding ground for unscrupulous elements where the name of the game is “instant wealth”. Gone are the days when enterprising people, by dint of their sheer tenacity and unwavering pursuit made fame and fortune.

The “get rich quick” mantra being increasingly subscribed to by the younger generation has begun to bear fruit- rapes, murders, extortions, thieves and burglary, drug trafficking and corruption- the list growing longer by thee day. The race to amass wealth- even at the cost of giving up one’s peace of mind and the hearth and home have taken precedence over the concept of a peaceful and fruitful easy life. Conscience and morality have been shoved off to the furthest corner of one’s mind- shedding the last remnants of humility to enter the temple of mammon. The result is a society where might is right and truth is relative. Honesty and sincerity is at a premium and the ideology of high thinking – simple living having been replaced by the reckless aim to attain power and influence. Humility and respectfulness has begun to be looked down upon and is being equated with weakness- a trait to be avoided. Truths are being sold and brought at a price and the collective mentality has started to revert back to the Stone Age where survival of the fittest holds true. Making things worst are the growing number of indolent youths accustomed to luxury and exhibitionism influenced in no small measure by the western cultures but failing to capture the essence of the dignity of work and the regard for fellow humans that underlines the basic principles of these western societies.

Abusing the powers entrusted to them and turning their official domain into their personal fiefdom is the order of the day for bureaucrats and politicians while the common people are left in the lurch with a feeling of betrayal and alienation in their minds. This has created a chasm that is growing wider with each passing day leading to a feeling of suspicion and getting cynical of the steps the Government is taking up for the professed good of the public. This social turmoil paves the way for a breed of human parasites living off the sweat of another’s labour- intimidation and fear being their weapon of choice and not thinking twice about taking lives if their whims are not catered to. Shouts of negligence and deprivation trying to drown out the screams of the unfortunate public destined to lead a life of uncertainty and fear.

Tolerance is no longer a virtue and wealth is the benchmark of a person’s worth- never mind the means one used to acquire it. Public memory has inexplicably shrunk to let matters pass- if only to wash their hands off the trouble of facing the bitter reality or to rectify it. Rationality has succumbed to power and ethics is an alien notion. A bleak future is in the offing- it is for us to stand up and stand fast- for the life we lead the way we want to. It is in us to walk with our heads held high and taste the sweat and the fruit of our own labour.

At the end of the day what really matters is an unburdened mind and a good sound sleep.



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