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1 NSCN-IM cadre killed in gunbattle; another civilian reported injured at Khoupum

Imphal, Feb 23: Two days after armed militants ambushed Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam and his security convoy on his way to his native village at Khoupum in Noney district, a fierce gunbattle between troops of 5/2 Gorkha Regiment and cadres of NSCN-IM was reported today at Khoupam Chingthak (Hill Top) under Khoupum Police Station at around 3 am.
Report reaching here said that the security troops were on their routine duty to check presence of any anti social element at the area. First hand report said that the team of 2/5 GR carried out cordon and search operation in general area of Chingthak Khopum early today morning. While the troopers were conducting search operation heavily armed cadres of NSCN (IM) started firing towards the security force.
A personnel of the 5/2 GR was hit by a bullet and he succumbed to his injury on the spot.

One lady namely Ajingna Rongmei, age 50 yrs W/O Hajengrei Rongmei got bullet injury on her face and died on spot .
Following the attack, more troopers reinforced at the site and a search operation was conducted by cordoning the area. 

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This election matters

They call this “festival of democracy”. But when one revisits the meaning of democracy and that of the festival, the so call authority who calls this election as festival of democracy is perhaps the worst intellectual ever born in the history of India.
Merriam Webster define democracy as a government by the people and a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation periodically held free election. When defining it as government of the people it is a government specially ruled by the majority.
On the other hand Festival is defined as a periodic celebration or program of events or entertainment having a specified focus. Festival is not war monger curriculum, it is about happiness for bringing simile to the people who are taking part.
When this election witness interference from armed UG groups who are against the Indian system, when armed assailant who claimed themselves as revolutionaries threatened common man with their guns, and when armed rebel group, may be presently ensuing in peace talk with the government of India force the electorate to vote to the candidate they support, how could it be justified calling it as festival of democracy.
When victims of fake encounter or extra judicial killings still cry for justice, how could one say that this is a festival of democracy?

Well, while we do not agree to call this election as festival of democracy but we do believe that this election will surely make the future generation accepting it as festival.
Well coming to this election, in public platform issues like corruption, nepotism, fake encounter killing, framework agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and the GoI followed by economic blockade and recently of AFSPA are some of the hard talk by leaders of almost all political parties while campaigning for the upcoming state assembly election. Every single soul in this erstwhile kingdom is concerned of these issues; however there are also many who are not happy to some of the political parties for forgetting about delivering justice to victims of fake encounter killing.
With just few days to go for poll, election euphoria has now fill the air, leave aside the print media, cable TV programme, talks about political parties and their candidates all busy discussing election. One way these are healthy discussion for election is a festival of democracy.
But the real things that matters and that is hovering to the mind of majority electorates is not actually what is being discussed. It is about those who provide them jobs, who are relatives and who are near and their one above these those who spend their day today needs.
It is time that every concern citizen make this election that will shape the future of our state.

Semblance of Government Without The Real Substance

By : MC Dara
Metaphorically, Manipur has differently been described as “The Swizerland of the East” and “The another Kashmir”. But it is not such a big sate only 22,327 sqkm. in area with a population of about 23 lakhs. The population of the state is less than that of even Cassar, a small district of Assam. The population of Cassar has already touched 31 lakhs. On one sense, it is questionable on how the state is still doing in some way or another. Prices of goods reaching sky-high, killing and death, threat and intimation, extortion of money, collection of percentage from development works in illegal forms, passing of bills only after doing the works on paper, terrorizing members of certain families-all these undesirable things engulve our state now. It is the work of a state organized group or else? Such an act of extorting money is happening everyday while the government is as much corrupted as possible. It is said that a post of ASI or SI can be bought at the rate of rupees more than 10 lakhs. It is talked about whether right or wrong. There is no limit in doing corruption. The government officers and employees are taking advantage of the insurgency problem. In this situation, the common people are just like being fried in a pan put on the top of a fireplace. Meanwhile, some people very clever are looking at the public money at the cost of public welfare. The  only people who are leading a comfortable life are the ministers, elected MLA’s and some officers being protected by security personnel. Maintaining low and order means protecting only a few people belonging to this group. Whether the law and order situation is good or bad is assessed by their way of life. The government seems to be unconcerned about how hard a life the common people are living, finding no ways to employment generation. Bureaucrats and their coins are putting many efforts up to the way to make money without doing hard works and enjoying a comfortable way of life on the blood of common people. This is the situation in the state of Manipur. Would it say that the land is golden? Tripura has government as in Manipur. Would it say that the land is golden? Tripura has government as in Manipur, but their per capita income has increased to 24,000 while that of Manipur has remained as low as 11,000. In this state, corruption is almost nill. Mizoram is likely to progress a lot, far ahead of Manipur. In this state, standard airports are being constructed after levelling the hilly ground surfaces. One steps have been taken up in the state to generate a source of income for the people. A lot of incentives have been encouraged among the people to work more. The Mizo-youth and elders have gained the steps forward. All these come to happen truly, because of a cleaner election and a good governance. But in Manipur, there is a series of adverse administration due to lack of a good leadership. As the government of the same sort is continuing, there is no change in administration at all. Those elected representatives, who won the same election, promising ‘welfare schemes’ for the people, have now used up elastic money in order to scoop the public properties with their hands on the left and right. To this, people remain dumb spectators and are unable to stage a protest against them and the collaborators. A lot of people then would become sycophants to the winning candidates. Not this all, a priority should be given first in education system, health services and sound economy conditions. We can’t say that how far we have achieved in this matter as a whole. More than six populace educated unemployed youths out of about 26 populace of the state have already crossed over a statistical margin, finding no job-oriented employment no job-oriented employment and it is the permission that they see no hope for a bring future. Some are those who would stay away from their own homes when they become disappointed, frustrated and disillusioned with the negligence and ignorance of the government in launching rural development programme. It will not be a far wrong to say that in the rural areas people have no rights areas people have no rights to lead a decent life as a human being because the government seems to be clever and powerful in scooping public properties while the rural poor have forgotten that there is a governance. It is the duty of the state to eradicate poverty. Being a poor is not a sin. The poor can’t live on charity. The government should try to protect their rights as they too have the right to life. Now, the people have come to accept that nothing can be done without corruption. The moral fibre of the present government is tenuous. Still, we have not seen the emergence of any good personalities in each of the government departments, offices, administrative units etc. So, the state is in chaos or turmoil. To this situation, might is right. The law seems to be in the hands of individuals and they do whatever they like. There is a sublime of government.  

NSCN cadres encounter ZUF gunbattle again

Imphal, Feb 23: Another encounter took place between ZUF and NSCN-IM cadre at Nungba area. Report said that when the NSCN-IM cadres were deporting their dead cadres well armed cadres of the ZUP ambushed them at Goibijang area. The NSCN-IM cadres were heading towards  Kahaulun.
2 more IM cadres were reported injured. Some of the CSOs helping the IM cadres to move towards Tamenglong. Source said that one Capt. Gaichamdin is the leader of the ZUF team which ambush the IM cadres.

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