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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 07 September 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

PM Narendra Modi assures to waive off visa fees for Myanmar nationals

IT News (with input from India today)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured visa fees for Myanmar national to be waived off so as to encourage them to visit India more. Speaking to enthusiastic Burmese- Indians crowd who lingered around the Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar during his visit in the country, Mr. Modi said his government is not merely reforming India but is transforming India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his concerned on the Act East Policy. He saidRs 1,600 crores had been sanctioned to develop the roads starting from Imphal that would be snaking through the interior roads of Myanmar than to Mandalay. He has also requested to the people of Myanmar to co-operate and had asked to become more responsible and reciprocal while implementing the process of trade and other border activities in Tammu and Moreh side. He said Myanmarese should not forget that they also have a border in Tammu. Prime Minister assured that the Integrated Check Post in Moreh would soon complete and proper international trade activities would be ensued thereby.

MLA, Leisangthem Susildro and R.K Shivachandra, convenor of ‘Operationalising Act East Committee” of Manipur also attended the large gathering at Thuwunna Stadium.

Before winding his trip Mr. Modi also visited the historic Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. He also planted a Bodhi tree sapling at the pagoda complex, signifying common cultural heritage.

Located west of the Royal Lake in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is considered to be the most sacred and impressive Buddhist site for the Myanmarese people.

Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4,531 diamonds, the largest of which is a 72 carat diamond.

PM Modi’s visit to Shwedagon Pagoda came on the third day of his Myanmar trip and a day after he met state councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto head of Myanmar.

The two spoke about development and terrorism with India and Myanmar agreeing that terrorism remains one of the most significant threats to peace and stability in the region and the fight against the menace should include strong measures against countries and entities that finance and provide sanctuary to terrorists.

Myanmar condemned the recent terror attacks during the Amarnath Yatra in India as also various acts of terror perpetrated by terrorists from across the borders.

On its part, India condemned the recent terrorist attacks in northern Rakhine state, where several members of the Myanmar security forces lost their lives.

“We share your concerns about extremist violence in Rakhine state & violence against security forces & how innocent lives have been affected,” Modi said, standing next to Suu Kyi at a joint press briefing on Wednesday.

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Myanmar visit significant- PM

New Delhi, Sept 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his Myanmar visit covered significant ground in giving a much needed impetus to India-Myanmar relations and deepening bilateral cooperation. In a tweet, Mr Modi thanked the people and the Government of Myanmar for their exceptional hospitality. The Prime Minister has arrived back home this afternoon after his five day visit of China and Myanmar.

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Safegaurding unity and territorial integrity of state is the duty of present generation: Th. Radheshyam

IT News

Imphal, Sept. 7: Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam Singh said that the forefathers, to whose memory the 24th Khongjom Tarpan has been organised, had sacrificed their lives to protect the unity, territory and diverse culture of the state. He was speaking as Chief Guest at the 24th Khongjom Tarpan orgainsed by the Khongjom War Memorial Trust at Khongjom Tritha of Khongjom War Memorial Complex. The dignitaries made the offering and paid floral tribute at the Khongjom Tritha.

The Minister said it won’t be right just to commemorate only on such occasions but what is necessary is to muse why they made the sacrifices for the motherland setting an example for the generations to come. If their sacrifices are memorialised then every unwanted circumstances prevailing in the society due to political, social or religious differences could be overcome, he added.

Th. Radheshyam said Khongjom is one of the most important historical destinations for the people of the state, and also a booming tourist destination. Assuring the people he said that he will discuss the prevailing condition of the memorial complex with the Chief Minister for resuming the developmental work being carried out in and around the complex.

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Langban offering begins ; thousands attended at Khongjom River

IT News

Thoubal, Sept.7: Traditional lunar month ‘Langban’ is always significant for the people of the state. The first day of the month began with the offering to the ancestors and forefather of the Manipuri in every household. Certain organisation also organised such offering to the martyrs who had laid down their life for the cause of the nation.

Like every year, the Khongjom War Memorial trust today organised such offering for the 24th times at Khongjom River near the foothill of Kheba Ching. This the place where the fearless Manipuri soldier under the leadership of Paona Brazabashi fought the mighty British empire in 1891.

As a mark of remembrance to the martyrs offering were paid to them at Khongjom River. Earlier the event is popularly known as Tarpon offering but now some prefer to call it Langban gi Heisoi Katpa.

The offering at Khongjom River today was led by Education Minister Th. Radheshyam and President of the Khongjom War memorial trust Moirangthem hemanta, who is also an ex-Minister.

Mioi cha kayana saruk yaduna pangthokhiba heikat leikat tambagi thouram aduda Education.

MLA Dr. Yumnam Radheshyam, MLA L. Indrajit, Thoubal DC L. Nabakishore among others attended the offering ceremony

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CrPC 144 imposed in Thoubal

IT News

Thoubal, Sept.7: District Magistrate of Thoubal district has imposed section 144 of the CrPC in the whole of the district in connection with the upcoming 5th Panchayat election. The district Magistrate imposes the prohibition under the CrPC to avoid any breach of peace and public tranquilityand danger to haman life and property or to prevent riot or fray in connection with the election.

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Social service in connection with Hijam Irabot memorial function concludes

IT News

Thoubal, Sept.7: 5-Days Residential Social Service Cum Awareness Camp organised by  United Youths’ Club (UYC) Khangabok in connection with the Memorial function of Hijam Irabot concludes today.

In a closing function held today at the UYC premises at Khangabok Vice president of BJP, Thokchom Jadumani, Deputy Commissioner of Thoubal district, L.Nabakeshwor Singh IAS and OC of Thoubal Police Commando graced as dignitaries .

Floral tributes were also paid to the portrait of Hijam Irabot during the function. A march past was also held on the occasion by students and meira paibi of the area.

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EGM condemns killing of senior journalists

The Editors Guild Manipur joins the various media organisations and well wishers in condemning the killing of senior journalists and Editor Gauri Lankesh and demands Karnataka Government take full responsibility for her murder.

The Editor Guild Manipur in a meeting here in Imphal, expressed shock at the gruesome killing of an editor know for her fearless views in her newspaper as well as various forums.

“ Editors of Manipur consider her killing as direct frontal attack on the freedom of expression and extends moral support to all journalists organisations protesting her killing. Such attack on journalists is not new in remote corner of the country like Manipur and we can understand the pains of the near and dear ones of “martyred’ journalist. We also stand by her media colleagues and fraternity in Karnataka as they grieve at the lost of a brave journalist”, a statement of the EGM said.

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Northeastern Indians demand easier visa regime


Subir Bhaumik

Courtesy: Mizzima (www.mizzima.com)

Yangon, Sept 7: India talks of the ‘Act East’ policy but has done little so far to take up with Myanmar the issue of an easy visa regime.

“That is so upsetting for us in Manipur and the Northeast who want closer ties with neighbouring provinces in Myanmar. We spend much more than mainland Indians travelling to Myanmar or even getting aa visa,” said R.K Shivachandra, convenor of ‘Operationalising Act East Committee” of Manipur.

Manipur has the best connectivity with Myanmar among all the states of India and a famous proverb in Manipuri says the state will become prosperous ‘only if the Eastern gates open.’

Indian PM Narendra Modi also referred to this ‘Eastern gates opening to Myanmar’ on Wednesday.

Shivachandra said India and Myanmar must have ‘visa on arrival arrangements’ for nationals of both countries at border checkposts like Moreh and Tamu or atleast visa offices there. 

“When Burmese nationals come to Manipur for medical treatment where good hospitals exist, They have to first get visa from an Indian embassy in Yangon or Mandalay. Even with a normal visa, they have to get a special permit, “ said Shivachandra, who is now in Yangon on a visit facilitated by the Indian ministry of external; affairs.

“ Similarly when a Manipur businessman wants to go to Myanmar, he spends a fortune going to Calcutta for visa and often has to get into the country via Bangkok because of a lack of flights on all days of the week.”

“How can Act East work if northeast Indians and Myanmars cannot reach other easily and cheaply. Physical connectivity like roads are not enough, we need soft enabling infrastructure like an easy visa regime to facilitate peoples-to-people connectivity, so Act East will work only when people-to-peoiple connectivity is easy,” he told Mizzima in an exclusive interview.

Giving his case, Shivachandra said to be in time for the Modi visit he had to purchase a ticket via Bangkok air for 750 US dollars.

“If I could come to Kalemya from Manipur for a few dollars, it would only cost me $100 for a Kalemyo-Yangon flight,” he said. 

Shivachandra pitched strongly for the Imphal-Mandalay bus service. 

“That is on paper now; it must happen soon. Manipuris, Nagas and Mizos should travel to Myanmar as easily as Bengalis do to Dhaka now with buses and trains,” he told Mizzima.

He said the Myanmar National Airlines must land at Imphal on the way to Yangon from Calcutta and the Air India flight should do the same much as it touches Bodh Gaya on its way into Calcutta from Yangon.

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Opportunity for investment in food processing sector


The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India is inviting Proposals under Scheme for Creation/ Expansionof Food Processing/ Preservation Capacities (CEFPPC) Of KISAN SAMPADA YOJANA for setting up 250 units for creation of processing and preservation and modernization/expansion of existing food processing units which will help in increasing the level of processing ,value addition and there by lead to reduction of agri wastage.

Proposals may be submitted online at http://sampada- mofpi.gov.in/cefppc/login.aspx by the potential investors/promoters willing to set up food processing industry. Preference will be given to units in Mega Food Parks  sanction by the MoFPI. The project proposal should be submitted as per guidelines of the Scheme for CEFPPC available on www.mofpi.nic.in latest by 15.09.2017 upto 18:00 hrs.

 Interested investors/promoters can contact Joint Director/ Officer on Duty ( Food Processing Industries) . Contact no. 9436025478.

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Life is to be lived, not to merely survive

The present era of information Technology has ushered in such irrevocably radical changes that the world is viewed as a global village, and rightly so.

Unrestrained and instant access to knowledge and information as well as coverage of communication facilities throughout almost every nook and corner of the world has indeed demolished the barriers to communication and information. Yet in such an era, ancient habits and archaic practices tend to subdue the logical and contemporary mindset which can only explain the developments in such a small and geographically challenging state as ours.

The Nagas, in their quest to bring together naga inhabited regions, using various means both fair and foul, are sculpting a new region as per their wisdom, which they claim is essential to fulfill their end without proper understanding of the repercussions and the collateral damages.

Same is the case with the Kukis who are demanding a unified kukiland, and if tomorrow, the other groups like the Manipuri Muslims, Kabuis, etc. were also to start demanding a separate region out of this state, leave alone the Meities, what rational could support such a demand or demands? Shouldn’t it be better to leave Manipur for the Manipuris the Nagas, the Kukis, the Kabuis, the Muslims, the Meiteis and whichever group is residing in it? Regressive thinking, although might benefit a section or group of individuals, ultimately will only hamper even their own development-mentally, spiritually and financially.

A staggering amount of efforts and expenses have been utilized in rising and sustaining such issues as is evident from the scale of operations of these demands. What if these precious resources-financial and manpower-had been used for finding pragmatic solutions and answer to alleviate the way of life for everyone in this state-be it the scarcity of water almost every modern equipments and gadgets are based on, the dismally prepared roads hindering travel and transportation- to be at par with the rest of the world and to prepared roads hindering travel and transportation- to be at par with the rest of the world and to prepare the future generation to compete and strive with fairness and intensity rather than  to bide one’s time and survive on another’s misfortune and circumstances, as did our forefathers during the stone age.

Life is to be lived, not to merely survive, and to strive and grow and progress should be the endeavor of every human. Succumbing to rhetorics about one’s filial pride and privileges will only leave one behind in the quagmire one so deviously schemed to trap others in. Is everyone up for it?    


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