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Items filtered by date: Friday, 09 June 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

The number of MPs must be increased

In the Manipur State Assembly, there are 60 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha 2 MPs in the Rajya Sabha 1 MP in the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, there are 32 Assembly Segments and in the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, there are 28 Assembly segments with three(3) MP’s.

In Assam, there are 126 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 14 MPs and in the Rajya Sabha there are 7MP’s. In Punjab there are 117 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 13 MPs  in the Rajya Sabha there are 7MP’s. In Haryana there are 90 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 10 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 5 MP’s. In all there three states, there is one MP for every 9 Assembly Segments.

In West Bengal there are 294 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 42 MPs and with the Rajya Sabha there are 16 MPs. In Andhra Pradesh, there are 175 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha, there are 25 MPs in the Rajya Sabha there are 11MP’s in Telangana there are 119 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 17 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 7 MP’s. In Orissa there are 147 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha 21 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 10 MP’s. In Kerala there are 140 MLA’s in the Lok Sabha there are 20 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 9 MP’s. In all there five states, there is one MP for every 7 Assembly segments.

In Maharastra, there are 288 MLAs and  in the Lok Sabha there are 48 MPs in the Rajya Sabha there are 19 MPs. In Tamil Nadu there are 234 MLAs in the Lok Sabha there are 39 MPs and in the Rajya Sabha there are 18 MPs. In these two states, there is one MP for every 6 Assembly Segments.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are 403 MLAs, in the Lok Sabha there are 80 MPs in the Rajya Sabha there are 31 MPs. There is one MP for every 5.0375 Assembly Segments as well as most advanced state.

In Maharastra and Tamil Nadu there is one MP for every 6 Assembly Segments and they received Rs. 5 crores as Local Area Development Fund lying in the development of 6 Assembly Segments. In Manipur for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency there are 32 Assembly Segments and for the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency there are 28 Assembly Segments, getting Rs 5 crores from the Government of India every year.

As entitlement of the Manipuris, Rs 10 crores are given annually from the MP local area development fund for the 60 Assembly Segments of Manipur. On the other hand for 60 Assembly Segments of Maharastra and Tamil Nadu Rs. 50 crores are given annually. For one year of local area development fund to increase amount of Rs 40 crores are given. For five years local area development fund, Rs 200 crores increased are given. In short for 60 Assembly segments in Maharastra and Tamil Nadu the amount of Rs. 250 crores are received as Local Area Development Fund. On the other hand for Manipur for 2 MP’s Rs 50 crores are received. Let the Public discuss whether a state for which the outlay is Rs 250 crores and another for which the outlay is Rs 50 crores will develop.

In Tripura there are 60 Assembly Segments the area of Tripura is 10,499.69 sq.km the territorial area of Manipur is 22,327 sq.km comparing with Manipur, the area of Tripura is not even half the territorial area of Manipur but it has 2 MPs in the Lok Sabha and 1 MP in the Rajya Sabha which is the same with Manipur. In Delhi, there are 70 Assembly segments in the Lok Sabha it has 7 MP’s in the Rajya Sabha there are 3 MPs. It gets 1 MP for 10 Assembly segments and has more MP’s than Manipur. The territorial area of Delhi is 1, 483 sq.km Manipur is 15 times bigger than Delhi.

The geographical area of Nagaland is 16,579 sq.km with 60 Assembly Segments and there is one MP each in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha. In Mizoram there are 40 Assembly segments, in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha there is one MP each the geographical area of Mizoram is 21,081 sq.km. In Meghalaya there are 60 Assembly segments in the Lok Sabha there are 2 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha, there is one (1) MP. The geographical area of Meghalaya is 22,429 sq.km. In Arunachal Pradesh there are 60 Assembly segments. In the Lok Sabha there are 2 MP’s and in the Rajya Sabha there is one MP the geographical area of the Rajya Sabha there is 7 MP’s. The geographical area of Assam is 78,438 sq.km. There are 32 Assembly segments in Sikkim there is one MP in the Lok Sabha and there is one MP in the Rajya Sabha the geographical area of Sikkim is 7,096 sq.km.

The geographical area of Manipur is 8000 sq.miles and the geographical area of Kabow Valley is 7000sq.miles. After Manipur was merged into the Indian Union of October 15, 1949, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru representing the Government of India, as the first gift of Manipur, Kabow Valley was given to Myanmar (Burma) permanently. After Kabow Valley was given away the geographical area of Manipur as 22,356 sq.km is included in the 1988 international year Book. However, in between Rajiv Gandhi and VP Singh of National Front Government by giving 29 sq.km to Myanmar (Burma) as second gift, the present total geographical area of Manipur is 22,327 sq.km.

As the third gift of the Government of India, Atal Bihari Vajpai Jee led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Governments LK Advani and AB Vajpaijee conspiredto extend cease fire without territorial limit under Bangkok Declaration in 2001 make arrangements to give away Naga habited area of Manipur to Nagaland.

It is a known fact that the NDA government carried out Unttaranchal/Uttarkhand from Utter Pradesh, Jarkhand from Bihar and Chhatisgarh from Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand Dr. Manmohan Singh of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government created Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. Inspite of leaders of Andhra Pradesh urging not to disintegrate Andhra Pradesh, President Pranab Mukherjee signed and approval was given.

Since 1 MP is given to a population of 10 lakhs, whether the numbers of MPs of Kerala which has 3,33,87,6777 population and West Bengal which has 9,13,47,736 population will increase 33/34 and 91/92 MP’s respectively? A matter need to ponder.


Minister Biswajit takes stock of inferno at Takyel industrial estate, inspects work-sheds at estate

Imphal, June 9:Commerce and Industries Minister ShriThongamBiswajit Singh took stock of the damages incurred in a fire incident at the Takyel Industrial Estate, this morning. The fire damaged work sheds allotted to Loktak Industries and the Manipur Plastic Industries.

Following the inspection, the Minister said that, the State Fire Service will submit a departmental report on the incident.

Assuring all possible aid to the affected entrepreneur, the Minister said the government will decide on the necessary relief measures for the victims including payment of necessary compensation or reimbursementat the earliest. As for temporary relief, the Minister instructed the concerned officials to identify non-allocated or unoccupied work sheds where the affected entrepreneur could be shifted and adjusted for the time being.

The Minister also inspected the work-sheds at the estate allocated to different entrepreneurs and demanded the concerned officials to submit, at the earliest, the names and details of all entrepreneurs and work sheds allocated to them. He further asked the officials that the details should also include alist of all entrepreneurs who are yet to open their allocated work sheds.

Demanding details of all units which are still lying non-utilised despite being already allocated to beneficiaries, the Minister said such work sheds should be re-allocated to deserving beneficiaries if the previous beneficiaries are unable to set up their units.

Briefing media persons, the Minister said it is the government’s main objective to make the non-functional Industrial Estates in the State functional at the earliest. He elaborated that, the government is acting on its commitment to solve the unemployment problem by making the industrial estates fully functional and redressing the grievances of the entrepreneurs. This is to encourage the entrepreneurs who on their part will provide earning avenues to others by giving them jobs, he added.

Minister Biswajit further said that, all the requirements of the Industrial Estate which are presently lacking will be provided at the earliest after proper consultation with the Chief Minister.

On the TeraUrak Industrial Estate, he said the estate was lying non-functional earlier, but now we have already met and talked with the entrepreneurs and discussed their issues of which power supply has already been provided. He continued that, now the Army personnel occupying the work sheds have been moved out and required modifications to the work shed structures according to the needs of the entrepreneurs will also be taken up so that the estate is made functional at the earliest.

The Minister also met entrepreneurs and their staffs,and assured to look into all their grievances. He also suggested that they should conduct a monthly cleanliness drive around the campus by announcing a day-off for their staffs. Minister Biswajit also instructed the entrepreneurs to put up their sign boards in front of their units within 15 days. He also said that the entrepreneurs should equip their work sheds with fire extinguishers according to the capacity of their units so as to safeguard themselves from unfortunate fire incidents.

Meanwhile, during an inspection of the MSME-Development Institute, Imphal office located inside the campus, the Minister instructed the staffs present to submit its activity/action records of the last three years.

The Minister was accompanied by Commerce and Industries officials including Director Shri M Luikham during the visit. Both the Loktak Industries and the Manipur Plastic Industries are owned by ManoharmayumGeetchandra Sharma.

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‘Snan Jatra’ ritual performed

Imphal,  June 9:  The “Snan Jatra” of God Jagannath was carried out at Radha Madhav Temple ,Sanakhya Yaima Mandap, Moirangkhom today in the presence of Hon’ble Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla.

Titular king Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba, M.U. Prof.R.K.Ranjan, son of (L)M.K.  Binodini & promoter of Huntre!Equine org.  ,Somi Roy, grandchildren & relatives of past Maharajas and members of the Jalakeli Pala took part in the Snan Jatra religious ritual.

The Governor along with others present in the auspicious ceremony   paid floral tributes to the photos of Maharaja Nara Singh, Maharaja Churachand & Maharaja Budhachandra.

After a wonderful religious song performance from the Jalakeli Pala, there was an utsab for all the invitees.

An award comprising of phanek mapannaiba, innaphi, a cash prize of Rs. 5000/ along with a certificate was given to the lead singer of Jalakeli Pala ,R.K. Mohinisana for her contribution to the growth & development of Jalakeli Pala that was founded by Maharaja Nara Singh.

It may be mentioned that a similar pala group titled Rasheshori Pala was founded by  Maharaja Budhachandra too.

As per historic records and religious tradition of the State, the “Snan Jatra” of God Jagannath is usually performed annually prior to the 10-day Kang festival to denote the status of holy awakening and purification of God Jagannath from His sleep so as to make  preparation  to participate in the coming Rath Jatra festival that will be held on the 25th of this month.

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Minister Shyamkumar stresses on maintenance of trees


Imphal, June 9: Forests and Environment Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar today stressed on the need for maintenance of trees in the State, saying that, “To plant trees is very easy but maintaining it is very difficult.”

Minister Th. Shyamkumar was speaking as the Chief Guest of the function at “Agri and allied activities & distribution of planting materials”, a one-day awareness-cum-training programme at Laikhurembi Ground, Khurai Sajor Leikai, Imphal East. The function was organised by Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Manipur Prant and sponsored by the Directorate of Extensive Education, Central Agricultural University, Imphal.

Stating that the month of June and July is the right time to plant trees in Manipur, Minister Shyamkumar observed that, people of different walks of life in the State plant trees but never maintain it. He was hopeful that we can save the environment once we have this concept to plant trees focusing on maintenance.

Dinesh Kulkarni, Organising General Secretary, All India Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, opined that “consumerism” has resulted in the over exploitation of the environment and that is why the world leaders are now engaged in making policy plans to save the world. Observing that the forest cover in Manipur has diminished over the years, Dinesh Kulkarni appealed to the State Government as well as to the public to plant trees with nutritional values which are beneficial to the environment. He further appealed to the public to adopt organic farming.

As part of the function, different varieties of trees were also planted. Parliamentary Secretary (Home) L. Susindro Meitei, also the MLA of Khurai Assembly Constituency; members of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Manipur Prant; officials of Central Agricultural University, Imphal and residents of the area attended the function.

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GSO Imphal Block election held

IT News

Ccpur, May 31: Election of Gangte Students’ Organisation, Imphal Block Election wchu held today under the supervision of GSO General Headquarters at New Lambulane, conveyed a press relechue issued by general secretary of GSO-GHq.

P Lien Gangte wchu elected President, Henkhopau Gangte as Vice President, Ngam S Gangte as  General Secretary, while Kimruthy Gangte, Goulalzom Gangte, Margareth Gangte, Neifel Gangte, Haoginlun Neihsiel, Hawlneihmawi Gangte, Henlalsuon Gangte, were elected Secy., Finance; Inf. & Pub., Secy. Edn.; Moral & Religion; Games and Sports; Asst. Games & Sports; Jt. Secy., and Ginlun Gangte, Lienlalpaul Gangte and Vahshi Mate as member.

At the same time, Pu Lalzo S Thangjom, Pu Thangminlun Gangte and Pu Remthang Gangte were appointed as the organisation’s advisors.

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YENING ANIMAL foundation,grand inauguration day held

June 9,2017,Imphal;(DIPR):The grand inauguration Day  for Yening Animal Foundation, under the theme, Love Animals and Learn Animals, was held at Sangeet Kala Sangam, Khurai Lamlong today.

The function was attended by Agriculture, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Minister Shri V.Hangkhanlian, Managing Director (Yening Animal Foundation), Film maker, Author,Writer Smt. Sapna Laishram, Parliamentary Secretary (Home) L.Sushildro (Yaima) and Director Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Shri Haobijam Chaoba as Chief Guest, President and Guests of Honour respectively.

 During the opening function Minister V.Hangkhanlian said that cruelty to animals Act, 1960 has been already enforced in the state now, to look after the animals and love them is the utmost responsibilities for everyone for the economic development and eco friendly relation. He appeal to the people to co-operate with the department in caring of animals and seek help from them for this the Government would give every possible help to the cattle rearing people for their requirement. He also assured to extend help to make embankment for prevention of flood problem in Khurai areas.

Parliamentary Secretary (Home) L.Sushindro also appeal the department to carry out wide areas of vaccination camp for animals and make project and urge the concern Minister to include more budget in future. He also assured that embankment to prevent flood would be constructed after consultations with the higher authority.

 Functional President and Managing Director Smt. Sapna Laishram, and Joint Director Th. Ramabati, Director  Haobijam Chaoba and other dignitaries of the department also spoke about the need of caring and proper treatment to animals. Vaccination to dogs was also done at the Sangeet Kala Sangam.

The mission of the function is to touch the hearts  , minds and soul of the society/people to help the animals. To act responsibility and groom a more humane world for animals is its vision. Balancing the head and heart of the society to love animals, collaboration in team work , seminar, workshop, inspiring trust to the society through leadership, protect and care, put an end to animal cruelty and fight against it to relief suffering of animals, distributing reward to the best animals owners and animals, preserved indigenous plant and animals, preservation of endangered animals etc, are the value and aspects of inauguration day for Yening Animal Foundation

The staff of Veterinary and Animal husbandry and some local people attended the function.

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Dzuko photo-expedition


Imphal, June 9: Forests and Environment Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar today flagged off a team of Manipur Amateur Photo Club for Dzuko Valley. The team comprising 26 people were flagged off from the Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, early in the morning.

Minister Shyamkumar wished luck and success for the photo-expedition to the team. Manipur Amateur Photo Club team members, through their lenses will explore the scenic beauty of the State, all the way through Dzuko valley.

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State Health dept. still need 1092 doctors

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Imphal, May 26: 1092 post of doctors are still lying in the state health department at present, a source with the Imphal Times said.

It further said that there are only 590 doctors working in the state health department and due to lack of the manpower various poroblems arises at district PHCs and Hopitals.

Due to lack of the doctors seceral Community Health Centers as well as district hospitals are unable to run the mergency services.

Locals of Sawombung protest yesterday over the closure of emergency services.

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Dead Body found

IT News

Imphal, June 9: A decomposed dead body was found today morning at Chingnungkhonk, Awang Ching under Lamlai Assembly Constituency. The dead body was found by the locals of Awang Ching while going through the area. Later a police team collected the dead body and deposited at JNIMS morgue for identification.

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