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Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit

The state of Manipur, or more precisely, the enterprising people of the state are slowly but surely beginning to make their presence felt, not only in the myriad spheres of trade and commerce in the state, but also outside of Manipur. That we have seen a spurt in entrepreneurial activities encompassing almost every facet of commercial venture would be an understatement. This positive development in an otherwise bleak environment, made worse by the callous and indifferent financial support system in the state, should be made to catch on in a big way for the aspiring youths to start taking entrepreneurial activities seriously and consider an alternative means of earning rather than vying for the very limited Government jobs. But that can prove easier said than done. Even when a handful of success stories have shown that entrepreneurship can be a successful alternative to the beaten track of running after white and blue collar jobs, yet their paths are still fraught with danger and uncertainty with every step. Promises made by various heads of state have been noted for a long time now, yet precious little have been done till date to ease or reduce the innumerable hurdles- financial, logistics, support or legal, let alone encourage their risky ventures with deeds. The challenges of turning an idea, most of which are yet unproven, into a profitable venture is the driving force behind every beginning, while the sheer pleasure of seeing the transformation of a dream is what keeps an entrepreneur going, despite every possible hardship one may encounter. The state now has enough brilliant minds who have seen the world and are informed enough to make diligent decisions. The government should now embark on a proactive mission to develop an atmosphere conducive to the development of entrepreneurial minds and spirit. Providing financial assistance, though a very vital ingredient of development of an enterprise, should not be the only focus of the government. Making assistance available in the form of mentors and incubation centres where an idea can be polished and refined further until it becomes a financially viable proposition should be the main concern. The various aspects or components of a business model should be made to be understood by the aspiring entrepreneurs as well as the risks and inherent uncertainties involved in any venture. A dedicated incubation centre with adequate facilities will be of immense help in providing an impetus to the increasing entrepreneurial activities in the state, given the dismal state of facilities being made available at present, from the erratic power supply, considered the most vital resource of any commercial setup, to the uncertain supply of water and the pathetic conditions of roads and limited transportation facilities which is compounded by regular blockades and bandhs which target transport vehicles carrying economic resources, often leading to delays and destruction. The numerous entrepreneurship awareness programs, being generic in nature, needs to be backed up with a more comprehensive and hands on assistance of promising entrepreneurs for a successful transition to a profitable venture. A sustainable and viable financial assistance plan that can ensure smooth and swift delivery of funds in time will boost the morale and prevent delay in implementation of business plans. A robust support system for exploring markets of the products and promotion of the uniqueness of these products will help in expanding the market, thus ensuring progress and prosperity in the state.

“Rain water Harvesting – The need of the hour”

Mother earths most precious resource –‘ water’.
Of the five basic elements viz Earth, water, fire, air and sky.      Water is one of the most important elements and can’t imagine any creature to survive without it. Despite having a great regard for water we seem to have failed to care for it seriously.
Neither an Expert nor an   activities I am , but citing a few lines for mine.
The most alarming concerns are above the predicted increasing imbalance between supply of water and the minimum need that have to be from water. It is estimated that the global water use may soon outstrip supply by 2050.
Perhaps water is one of the most basic needs of our daily life. Due to global warming, industrialisation,urbanisation water becomes scarce and pollutted yet a sufficient, clean drinking water supply is essential for life.
Every community has a water problem. One-fourth of the population is troubled with shortage or poor water or both and the prospects are even more difficult in the future.
It is already a scarce commodity and in terms of its requirement   it is destined to become more and more   scarce in the years to come.
Water requirement for drinking and sanitary purposes may be large but it is extremely important from health, convenience and efficiency point of view. Estimation per UN standard prescribes that the requirement of 20 liters of water[cooking and domestic uses] per person per day in India.Above of all Agriculture being the main occupation of our place, water is an essential commodity.
The minimal amount of drinking water at the global level annually is about 5 million cubic litre.
Drinking water supplies are mostly available in urban areas however, million  living in rural areas do not have drinking water supplies of standard quality.
Looking the scenario of Manipur,the whole population faces water woes during summer & winter season, water scarcity is severe all taps seem to run dry, what we opt for is to buy water from water tanker, almost all the season, don‘t know how far it is potable- whether it is treated or not , God knows!.
My view here is
“Rain – Natures Blessing

Why not we harvest”
A leaf stretch out from its branch, catches a drop rain  channelling towards the ground as its base, for millions of years, this simple rain water collection has fuelled life in many years reaches of this planet (New man).
Rain water harvesting – the need of the hour.
 Rainwater harvesting is one of the viable solution for Manipur’s severe water problem as the state is blessed with Rain. The annual precipitation of the western region is 2194mm to 4516mm and 2943mm in southern region and 1785mm in central region  ,from reliable source and the average rainydays  is 75 and more days, from reliable source.
As we all know Rain water harvesting, a technique for collecting storing and using rain water for landscape irrigation and other uses collection from various surfaces such as roof tops, and other types of man-made above ground hard surfaces where the practice is growing popularity recently. but out there in Coimbatore in the year 2005 ,rainwater harvesting was opted in almost half the population.
In the state of Tamil Nadu, rain water harvesting was made compulsory for every building to avoid ground water depletion, and proved excellent within five years, and every state look it as role model. Since its implementation, Chennai saw 50% rise in water level from a reliable source.
As the water crisis continues to become severe, there is a dire need of reform in water management system and revival of traditional systems    It is the   need of the hour, to make people aware of the rainwater harvesting techniques and support them to set up innovative harvesting with indigenous materials. If the state government could offer financial support   and   guidance   from the experts, in the   form of subsidies than only we can overcome the water crisis.
And I feel, my mother land Manipur being blessed with rain can harvest rain water effectively provided that public is made aware of the method.
Thus, if human being could not save and water and its sources inspite of its availability in abundance, the irresponsible attitude resulted in deterioration with respect to quantity and quality both. Now the situation has arrived when even a single drop of water matters. Better  late than never, Let us harvest rainwater.
Rain is precious – Rain brings inner happiness to the- farmers, each and every one Earth. It rejuvenate the plants and every creature on earth bringing smile to everyone.. Thus, lets harvest rainwater in one way or the other.


Nandita. Maisnam
Biramangol college, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Scribes protest against militant threat, urges CM for security

Suspending their normal duty, Media fraternity of the state cease work on Wednesday and staged sit-in at Keishampat against the threat by an underground outfit on the lives of editors and journalists for not publishing its news. Organized by the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) and Editors’ Guild, scribes also took out a joint rally here today to protest against the threat served to editors, reporters. More than 200 scribes marched from Keishampat here to the gate of the chief minister’s office complex. A joint delegation of the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) and Editors’ Guild met the chief minister and reported the threat in the form of memorandum and sought a secure environment for newspersons. The delegation informed the CM that the latest threat was served to the Editors’ Guild, Manipur secretary General Yumnam Rupachandra who is also Editor-in-chief of Impact TV by a group of unidentified people claiming to be members of an armed group by placing a Chinese hand grenade  at his residence in Imphal west on Sunday night at around 8.30 pm. The threat is in connection with non publication of certain press statement released by this group which the media in the state had refused to publish. Following the grenade threat, the group has been calling up several media houses and individual scribes, threatening them to publish their statement. However, AMWJU and EGM have resolved not to publish the same and to cease work on December 16 in protest against the threat. Pointing out that the scribes in Manipur are now under threat and the working environment has become more insecure, the joint delegation of AMWJU and EGM urged the Chief Minister to ensure a safe and secure environment for the journalists working in Manipur. They also urged to open  adequate police pickets in and around residential areas of Editors and office bearers of AMWJU and individual scribes who have been directly threatened by the militant group. All the newspapers in Manipur were published with their editorial spaces blank on Wednesday to protest the threat served to the media. It may be mentioned that a Chinese hand grenade was discovered at the gate of Editor in Chief of Impact News and general secretary of Editors’ Guild Manipur - Yumnam Rupachandra at Kakwa Khongnang Pheidekpi under Singjamei Police Station on Monday evening around 8:15. The grenade was wrapped in a polythene bag.

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‘Save Indigenous People’s Campaign’ begins

With objective to fill the communication gap between various people of the state, Joint committee on Inner line permit systems today began ‘Save Indigenous People’s Campaign’ at Manipur Press Club Imphal.
Speaking to media persons, convener of JCILPS, Khomdram Ratan said that the campaign is being organized to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between different communities in the state.
“Public meeting, awareness program, camera meeting, panel discussion, interaction with leaders of political parties and different communities will be the part of the campaign”, Ratan said.
He said the JCILPS has suspended the proposed agitation from Dec 16 in view of the forthcoming Christmas Festival, examinations of schools and request made by the state government during the meeting held on Dec. 9. S. Noren, Associate professor, of Statistics, Imphal College while speaking on the occasion  stressed on the need to have a regulation to check illegal influx of foreign nations in the state. He said before the erstwhile kingdom merged to Indian Union there was a regulation to check illegal influx of migrants in the region but after merger to Indian since, the regulation has been lifted the state is facing serious problems of illegal migrants. He said government should make special law to protect the indigenous people of the state.
He further added that Army and para military are increasing day by day to protect the border area of the state but it seem like that they are using only to control underground militant. 
 President of the Editor Guild Ahongsangbam Mobi and senior advocate Khaidem Mani attended the occasion as presidium members.

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Martyred soldiers of Indo-Pak War 1971 remembered on Vijay Diwas

As observed in other parts of the country, VijayDiwas was observed here to pay tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives for the nation during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 .Manipur Government organised a grand function to mark the day at the 1st Manipur Rifles Banquet hall, where Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh and Works Minister Dr Kh Ratankumar attended as the chief guest and president respectively. Vijay Diwas is commemorated every December 16 across the country to mark its military victory over Pakistan during the Indo-Pak war1971. Among the Indian soldiers killed in the war, five were from Manipur. The Indo-Pak war 1971 and Kargil war 1999 not only showed the courage, sacrifice of the Indian Army but also reminds us that we should always be ready to fight back against the challenges to the unity and sovereignty of the country. Indian soldiers continue to safeguard the unity and sovereignty of country from the internal and external forces to disintegrate, Chief Minister Ibobi said in his speech on the occasion. “No one can challenge the integrity of the nation. We should prepare ourselves to meet this challenge,” Chief Minister Ibobi said. Ibobi said that the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 and several other challenges faced by our people have clearly shown that Indians are always ready to fight for the integrity. “It is our bounden duty to honour all the martyrs”, he said. Commerce and Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam, Hill Area committee chairman Dr Chaltonlian Amo, Chief Secretary, civil and police officials and several ex-servicemen also attended the function.

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Bandh affect normalcy along Imphal – Moreh route

Vehicular movement along the Imphal – Moreh Section of National Highway 102 was severely affected due to the Bandh called by the Student’s Union of Mission Blind School, Heikakpokpi demanding full-fledged conversion of the School.
The Student’s Union imposed total bandh along the Imphal-Moreh road since last midnight till 21st December in protest against the indifferent attitude of the state government for conversion of the only Private run Mission Blind School into full-fledged government school. The bandh supporters and students of the Mission Blind School blocked the Imphal-Moreh road stretch in between Thamlapokpi and Bongjang Village and prohibited vehicular movement along the National Highway since early morning.
Several Commercial and Private Vehicles coming from Imphal towards Moreh were stranded along the road while some vehicles returned back as they could not proceeds further due to the bandh.

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Tribute paid to departed leaders of KIM

Fitting tribute was paid to the departed leaders of the kuki Inpi Manipur on the 22nd general Assembly of Kuki Inpi Manipur held at Kuki Inn Imphal.  A souvenir of the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) was also released by Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman ADC Sadar Hills on the occasion. Speaker of the general Assembly, Ajang Khongsai deliberated on the activities of the departed leaders of the KIM who had work for the welfare of the Kuki community.
Major issues discussed in today’s assembly were development of Kuki Inn Complex Manipur, Budget and next election of the KIM. Issues on the protest against ILPS Bills and keeping of the dead bodies till today were also discussed during the assembly session. Some of the speakers opined to perform the last rites of the dead bodies before Christmas but some opposed the idea justifying their stand as the government has not fulfilled the demand.

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State Govt. negligence on Jiri-Tipaimukh Road decried

Romeo Moirangthem
Jiribam, Dec. 17: The Jiri-Tipaimukh road, the only road in the Jiribam A/C and one of the most important roads of the Tipaimukh A/C which is the lifeline of about 30,000 strong populations is in the most deplorable condition. And since the Government turned a blind eye upon the condition of the road, a memorandum was submitted to the PWD Minister, the local MLA Th.Debendra Sing and Chief Minister on the 16th July 2014, but it turned out a futile attempt as there was no reply from the higher authorities. The people of the Barak Circle did a side-cutting of the roadsides last year. It was flashed in the newspaper but it did not get any support or feedback from the concerned higher authorities, statement said by General Secretary, D. Lomsang of the Barak Brothers’ Union (BBU), Jiribam.
Further said that  the side-cutting and cleaning was done again in the month of August 2015. Like before, it ended up unheeded and unseen by both the MLA’s of the two constituencies even after prior notification and reminder through media (newspaper) and memorandum. In 2012-13, the PWD blacktopped the road and it turned out to be a mere colouring of the road as the road wore off in three months. Besides there are 10 bridges which are left unattended to by the PWD. The people of Barak Circle improvised and repaired the bridges in our own limited ways and it still turned out usable.
The road  is now in its most deplorably bad condition with potholes every section of the road. The SO, EE felt lost and did not know what to do, so, looking into the grievance and the life affecting condition of the road that can lead to many unwanted road accidents, the Barak Brothers’ Union is organising a social work on the 18th December 2015 with fund collected as donations from the Government employees, taxi drivers, auto drivers and philanthropic being in the circle. Since last year, there had been 5 road mishaps and several cases of vehicular glitches and many more owing to the present condition of the road. Transportation charges rose, and now it took almost 4 hours just to traverse a mere 40 km long road from Khangbor to Jiribam. The Barak Brothers’ Union deemed it necessary on its part to look into the welfare of the people try to bring about solution to the problems faced by the people. The Barak Brothers’ Union also, through the mass media would like to request to kindly and graciously donate for the purpose of remarking the road and filling the potholes; repairing the life line of the people.
The Barak Brothers Union, with the support and help of the people would also like to make this statement that if the Government does not listen or pay heed to our grievances. We are ready to take up any sort of steps and works; be it an agitation, to make the Government listen to our reasonable plea.
Besides the hospital, IVR and Government offices in our circle are in a dilapidated condition; turning into shed, sty, coops and whatever else. If the Government is still really in existence; could please look into the grievances of the people; your people.

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