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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 07 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Acting east policy

The briefing of the Governors of North Eastern states by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj about various cross-border connectivity projects aimed at linking it to the wider region of the South-East Asian countries including Myanmar and Thailand as part India’s ‘Act East Policy’ (AEP) should be taken as a positive step towards improving the socio-economic prospects of the country, especially the North-Eastern region and appreciated as such. The shift in focus, or more precisely, the increasing importance given to the North-eastern region of India by the centre bodes well for the people as the cultural, social and dietary affinity with the neighboring countries is evidently greater than with those of mainland India- a fact which risk being misconstrued by those with vested interest. Talks of hidden agenda aside, the North-East serves as the land bridge to ASEAN countries, and the Act East Policy is being touted as a means to strengthen the stability, economy and prospects of the country, especially the North Eastern region. While the whole exercise is laudable, concerns still remains on whether the implementation and execution of the plans and decisions will eventually match the expectations and objectives. Going by previous experiences, there has always been a slip between the lip and the cup when it comes to actually getting down to doing the deed. Examples abound at this very moment all over the state, from the Sanjenthong bridge to the repairing and construction of bridges and roads along the national highways, to the innumerable abandoned construction projects taken up by the Manipur Development Society (MDS). It goes without saying that the infrastructures and connectivity of the NE states should be made to develop and be maintained properly for any project to commence. Unfortunately, things are not looking very promising at the moment with the state and the Border Roads Organisation getting into loggerheads at the slightest instance, every single time. If any effort on this front has to have any significant impact, there is the pressing need for the monitoring process to make radical changes. The present work-culture prevailing in the state, deeply ingrained and institutionalized, if not remedied, will prove to be the undoing for the much hyped and highly expectant grand scheme. But such a change, as drastic as suggested here will be easier said than achieve. A conscious, sustained and concerted effort need to be made by all concern to bring about a changed mindset. We need to learn and take pride in the successful completion of any given task and enjoy the sense of achievement as a cohesive group. The mad scramble for credit and undue benefits needs to be contained. It may be said with a fair degree of accuracy that the state, and indeed the North Eastern region of the country would have been much better and developed had the funds and assistances been utilized properly. Blaming the centre for negligence and inadequate funds just does not cut ice with anyone, especially in this time and age of instant information and connectivity. Meanwhile, by the look of it, we still have a long way to go before things change for the better and our expectations delivered.

Man struggling for survival after deadliest attack; culprit house set ablaze by locals

A person was critically wounded after another person attacked him using a dagger at around 10 pm at Lillong Ataokhong Mamang leikai under Lillong Police Station. The person identified as Md Tajudin (38) s/o Late Md Sherajur Rehman (50) of Lilong Ataokhong Mamang Leikai sustain severe injury at neck and shoulder after the culprit identified as Md Hajikhomei (65) of Lilong Ataokhong Makha Leikai chopped him with a dagger. Md. Tajuddin is presently undergoing treatment at Shija Hospital and Research Institute at Langol. As the victim is undergoing treatment at ICU, our reporter could not take firsthand account of what actually happen and how it happen. However, as according to the family member of the victim, Tajuddin was attacked inbetween the way towards his home .
Speaking to reporters at Shija Hospital and Research Center, a family member Md. Ayajuddin (34), said that the victim along with is wife went out at a shop nearby his house at around 9 pm yesterday after having dinner. When the wife went inside Tajuddin waited outside.
“There were also some 2 /3 person standing outside”, said Ayasuddin.
When Tajuddin wife was inside the shop, the owner of the shop and her were informed about the attack to Tajuddin. That happen just few minutes after his wife went inside the shop.
The family member said that the incident might have took place somewhere around 300m from the shop.
Tajuddin reportedly ran out with the blood covering his neck and shoulder.
Speaking to reports Tajuddin wife said that at around 8 pm, Hajikhomei daughter Suntabi (33) called her husband Tajuddin through Cell phone and asked to come for dinner as they are ready to pay all the dues owe to them .

Tajuddin, being a diver plying in the local areas, use to drop local kids at the nearby boarding schools where Suntabi’s kids also happen to be studying.
The injured Tajuddin was immediately provided first aid at Lillong Primary Health Center and later referred to Shija Hospital and Research Institute as his condition deteriorated.
Hearing the news, large number of people came out and throng to the house of the culprit. The large number of people turned wild and poured their anger by burning the house of Hajikhomei.
According to the statement of both the family members and the wife of the victim it still remain as a mystery on why Tajuddin was attacked in such a deadly manner. 
A  JAC against the brutal attacked on Md Tajudin has been formed today.
In a meeting held today morning the JAC resolved to ostracize Md Hajikhomei and their family from the locality.
The JAC also demanded the concern authority to award appropriate punishment to Md Hajikhomei, who is absconding since last night.

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Pathetic roads conditions, drinking water problem irk Leimaram locals

Pathetic condition of the road leading to Leimaram from Tiddim road where the tourist destination Sadu Chiru Waterfall is located and the government inability to provide proper drinking water to villagers inhabiting around the area has irked the locals of the area prompting them to initiate extreme form of agitation including band, blockade and boycott of the local MLA.
“Highest number of road accident occurred in between the road stretch from Tiddim road to Sadu Chiru Water Fall in Leimaram which is only 8 KM in length due to its dilapidated condition’ , said Ningthoujam Ibomcha, President, Joint Action Development Committee of Leimaram, Waroi Ching, Awang Heinoubok and Makha Heinoubok  in a press meet held  today at Manipur Press Club.
The road stretch has been left unattended by the state government even though the government has been talking about development of tourist center in the state.
“Every one of us knows that Sadu Chiru Waterfall is a Tourist Destination and the government except praising and recalling about its beauty through microphone and public meeting nothing has been done to improve the area since the last 6/7 years’, he added.
He also said that with the popularity of the Sadu Chiru Waterfall the traffic volume is very high along the road stretch as more and more people visited the place frequently.
“More than 1000 vehicles ranging from by cycle to tourist vehicles and private, passenger loaded vehicles to heavy weight trucks for commercial purposes passed through this road every day”, he added The road is only 17 ft wide and the volume of the vehicular movement is very high beside the dilapidated road condition has cause extreme problem to the villagers as well as to the vehicles.
“Our committee has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur and to the Works’s Minister on August 4 this year for improvement of the road. But no positive response has been given till now”, he said.
Beside this the villagers at Leimaram area and its surrounding have been facing undeservedly drinking water problem as the water supply scheme inaugurated in 2011 is of no use for them as the tap water could not reach to the villages which are located at a higher place. The Circle MLA gave his word to build a separate water tank at Waroi Ching hillock for the sake of villagers’ convenience but the commitment has not been converted to action till today, said Ningthoujam Ibomcha.
The committee has warned that if the government and authorities concern do not turn up till last of this month, the villagers has decided to start various agitations including boycott of circle MLA from November first.
The villages has decided to ban tourists from entering the spots, will ban all commercial vehicles and will take up many other activities, he added.  He further said that if the government still remain deaf to the grievances of the people, the people will be left with no choice but to block all vehicular movement along the road. Besides, there is no reason on why the local MLA should not be boycotted.
On the hand, a Police Commando post located at the site, now abandoned has become a heaven for intoxicant users. Ningthoujam Ibomcha further said that the place has been now a den at which visitors often use as a place for drinking and other kind of illegal activities. He appealed the government authority to either close the post or reinstalled either police or VDF personnel.

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Manipur Association North-east India to hold 2-day general conference at Imphal

Manipur Association North-east India (MANEI), is holding a 2-day general conference to be hosted in Imphal on coming 19 and 20 December.
Speaking to media persons here in a press meet held at NIPCO office at Keishampat, Secretary General of MANEI, Sinam Prakas said nearly around 300 participant from Manipuri inhabiting in 8 north-east states will take part in the conference and issues on development prospects in their respective  states will be deliberated.
Cultural programs and tourism promoting activities besides the discussion programs will also be organized on the occasion . Manipuris inhabiting in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Diasporas in other Indian states are also coming to participate the discussion, he added.
Regarding the objective of the association, he said the association with their units at all north-eastern states which is headquartered at Guwahati was set up in 2013 with the aim to bring co-ordination and to develop a strong bondage among Manipuris inhabiting in North-east states and Manipuris living in other states as well.
While answering to question from media personal during the meet, Sinam Prakas said, as of now most of the participants are Meeteis, however the association welcomes all other communities inhibiting in the states to join the association.

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Rally on Sanitary Campaign took out

Following yesterday’s public rally on sanitary campaign which took out at areas in and around under Yairipok Municipal Council wards no.1 and ward no.2, the campaign rally continued today at ward no.3 and 4.
Today’s sanitary campaign supporting Swach Bharat Mission was organized by Ward development Committees of Yairipok Municipal Council wards no.3 and ward no.2. Chairperson and councilor of the council Keisham Rupachandra and vice-chairperson Laishram Haripriyari also took part in the rally.

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Mission Indradhanush (Phase II) Launched in Thoubal

Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal cum Chairman, District Health Society, Thoubal, T.Ranjit Singh IAS on Wednesday launched Mission Indradhanush-2015 (Phase II) under the theme “Be Wise: Get Your Child fully immunized”  at Conference Hall of DC office Thoubal, which was organized by District Health Society, Thoubal.
Speaking on the occasion DC,Thoubal,T.Ranjit said, “The programme provides immunisation against seven life-threatening diseases Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Tetanus, Polio, Tuberculosis, Measles and Hepatitis B”. The main aim of the mission is to vaccinate all the children by 2020 to free them from seven deathly diseases, he added.
He further said that, target to achieve of 90 percent of fully immunization in Thoubal District while the mission would be implemented in Strengthening Immunization 72 Session against 6500 for Dropout and Left out Children of 0-2 years for High Risk Areas and Hard to Reach Areas.

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Blessing ceremony of Manipuri Film ‘Wari Loidri’ held

Blessing ceremony of Manipuri Film ‘Wari Loidri’ was held today at the residence of the film producer and owner of the OK Brothers Film Production O. Tomba at Thoubal Ningombam today. The film will cast Shyamdhani, Idhou, Shanti, Olen, Gokul, Kaiku, Bony, Sonia and Bala as lead role and will be directed by N.Tomba and his assistant K.Bimol Sharma. Song lyricist of the film is Chinglen Thiyam.

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Must do checklists for Sangai Festival 2015

By : Roshnikumar Ningombam
Sangai festival, annual cultural festival organised by Manipur Tourism Department is making a dent in minds of the people of the state as well as the neighbouring state. The Festivals, which aim at promoting Manipur as a world class tourism destination, were successful and well received by various people of Manipur as well as Tourists who had come to see the festivals. However there has been criticism of promoting non-indigenous aspects rather than home grown artifacts and products.
Even the organizers claimed Sangai festivals presented the different facts of Manipur in terms of Arts and Culture, Indigenous Sports, Eco and Adventures Tourism avenue. The festival has earned the reputation of facilitating traders from outside the state to showcase their merchandise.
In the light of this murmuring about the cultural extravaganza of the state, the organizer Manipur Tourism Department needs to check some checklists beforehand to ensure that the festival represent the people of Manipur.
The Department of Tourism can look at the checklists for Sangai Festival- 2015
1) All the activities related with Sangai Festival should be done transparently in such a manner that it directly benefits the indigenous people of Manipur
2) Indigenous holistic approach should be adopted in all aspects
3) In order to prevent flowing out of money to outside the state, the Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur should promote solely local entrepreneurs; this would pave the way to development tourism in the state in the long run
4) Promotional activities of the Festival should be done to encourage participation of local artisans, firms, people
5) It also important to ensure that local products showcased properly and only home-grown produces are available at the venue of the exhibition 6) All the infrastructures and design should be done local firms and only local made products should be used
7) Communication medium should be in local flavor but unique in taste
8) Only locals firms specialized in the concern trades should be allowed to participate in the tenders for stage, decoration, stalls, lights, etc
9) Invitation cards, gifts  and other required materials should be designed with and made of local products
10) With an aim to provide jobs to locals, the organizers should employ only indigenous people in the works related to Sangai Festival.
11) Considering the present situation in the state, inter-ethnic interaction and bring them together is very important, so the festival should be a platform to display the mélange of Manipuri culture, tradition, customs and rituals.
12)  And information on tourist sites in Manipur, how to reach there, where to stay and other details should be available at the venue of Sangai Festival for non-local tourists and guests.

Image Source : e-pao.net

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