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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Call for peace and prosperity among various ethnic group marks Mera Chaorel Houba celebration

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Imphal, Oct 14: Mera Chaorel Houba, the festival for preserving and promoting unity and integrity amongst all the communities living in Manipur has begun at Uttra Shanglen, Sana Konung (Palace Compound) today.
Mera Chaoren Houba, an auspicious day observed by various Maibas and Maibis and common people offering tribute to the indigenous diety at Kangla,
 It is celebrated on the first day of the month of Mera in Meitei calendar since time immemorial.
It symbolizes refreshing of the age-old bonding between the people in the hills and valley of Manipur.
Gracing the occasion at Sana Konung, Leishemba Sanajaoba, titular King of Manipur said the festival is celebrated to seek blessings of the Almighty for peace and bountiful food grains.
The importance of the festival is to promote and sustain the age-old relationship between the hills and valley.

Starting from today, other festivals related to Mera Chaorel Houba, Sana Konung will also organize other festivals. One of the most important is the “Mera Mei Eratpa” (Burning of fire). The reason for burning the fire is to seek blessings from the Almighty, to prevent the bad things face and which will be face by our society in the future. The fire will keep burning for seven days continuously nonstop, he added.
This festival will be celebrated for over a period of 15 days from the first day of Mera month till the first full moon day of Mera.
During these 15 days of celebration, exchange of gifts and sharing of feast between the hills and valley people will be highlight, he added.
Leishemba Sanajaoba, Titular King of Manipur also conveyed that from this festival, all the people of Manipur, people following different religions and the related groups and society to seek blessing to the Almighty according to their believe, for our society to bring peace and harmony among us, to guide us, protect us and to have the strength to face the challenges together which lies ahead.
The celebration was held under the aegis of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board at 1st MR complex.
A mass procession, attended by people belonging to different communities in their traditional attires including priests and priestesses performed rites amid rendition of the traditional Pena, a musical instrument associated with religious practices of the Meitei community was taken out from the complex of Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple to Kangla, from where the sacred water was collected from Nungjreng Pukhri.

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Ibobi’s period is age of corruption – Sovakiran

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Imphal, Oct 14: Manipur People Party describe the period of O.Ibobi led government as “age of corruption” or “period of dark age”. In a press meet held at its head office Imphal today president of the MPP N.Suvakiran said that human civilization will remember the period as dark age.
He further said that the state government has not taken up any visionary works in this two decade. Because of this people are restless on apprehension about the issues encircling to the integrity of the state, protection of the indigenous people and protection of agricultural land.

He slammed the government for taking serious only in construction of building and buying of land in the metropolitan’s city.  The government should accept their failure in administration as court quash recruitment  over 1400 primary teacher, the allegation on K-PRO scam MI dam and others. Such scandal and failure of administration had deserved to call Ibobi’s period as the age of corruption.
He demanded CBI investigation to the multi crores Loktak scam.
He further added that Manipur Bhavan of Guwahati has fail to complete yet, such act is very shameful for our state.

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Miscreants burns school at CCpur

IT News Lamka,Oct 14: Unknown miscreants set ablaze St. Peter’s School located at Vengnuam, New Lamka, Churachadpur at around 11.30 pm yesterday. The reason behind the gutting down of the school is not known but it is suspected that the school might have been burnt by activist supporting the anti ILP Bills agitations. The first block of the school has been cinder to ashes. In protest against the gutting of the school all private schools in Churachandpur district remain shut today. Police had registered a case and investigation is going on to find out the culprits involved in the burning of the school.

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Activist moots restoration of indigenous cult as the only means to restore peace

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Imphal, Oct.14: “Rejuvenation of Ancestor Worship among all communities, ethnic groups in Manipur will be the only way to renovate peace and harmony in Manipur. And ultimately it will unite us together”, said Sarangthem Manaobi (Khoiranthaba), Retd. IPS, Member, International Human Rights Association, London and also member of International Bar Association London, and attended the function as guest of honor at 1st Foundation day of Malem Sanamahi Laining Maheiroi Lup (International Sanamahi Students’ Association) held today at Manipur Press Club.
He said Manipur was being defeated by the religious invasion of 1950, when People of Manipur were divided in the name of cast system (General\SC\ST) which was brought by Hindu religion. Now, it will be the right time to disperse, propagate and inject the essence of ancestor worship among all communities inhibiting in the state that since time immemorial, People of Manipur believe in worshiping our ancestors and for fathers. If we could do so, then, there would be nobody on earth who dares to stand against a United Manipur, added Manaobi.
Importance of the inclusion of history and relation between valley and hill people during ancient period in Schools and Colleges were also discussed among the students and resource persons in the function.
 Prof Sairem Nilabir, Chairman, Kangla Religious Committee , Aheibam Romel, Prof SCERT and Huidrom Jenita Chanu, President ISSA attended the function as Chief Guest, Guest of Honor and President in the foundation day celebration.

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JAC demands to re-open Pong road; threatens to close down JNIMS

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Imphal, Oct 14: Closure of Pong Lambi, the road that passed through the middle of JNIMS and government failure to convert the commitment to re-open it has irked the locals of Kongpal Kongkham leikai prompting them to take up extreme form of agitations even to the cost of closing the JNIMS. A JAC formed against the closing of the road, in a meeting with media persons and Manipur Press Club said that if the government failed to open the road on or before October 25, then locals residing in the eastern side of JNIMS will begin intense form of agitation including the closure of JNIMS. Co-convenor of the JAC M Dhiren, while speaking during the meeting with media persons said that after the Pong road has been people residing on the eastern side of the hospital has been facing severe problem either on treatment during illness or making a normal life. The road was the only transit route that make life easier for the people but after it has been closed down normal life of the people are different, they now no longer live a comfortable life.
He said that in 2010 when an MCI team visited the Institution club member of the locality were assured to re-open the road as it would do no harm in the functioning of the Institution.

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CORCOM refutes police claims

IT News Imphal, Oct 14: Conglomerate of five rebel groups operating in the region today refuted police claimed about the arrest of an over ground CORCOM member identified as Ahanthem Dhakeswar, son of late Gourachandra of Khurai Thoidingjam Leikai which appeared on Oct 13 newspaper. A press statement, signed by Media Co-ordinator, Publicity Committee, CorCom said that CorCom is a conglomerate of different rebel groups operating in the region and there is no individual member for the CorCom. The statement term the Police statement claiming him as CorCom member as another attitude of the police to harass and torture civilians.

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Electricity Consumers Awareness workshop held

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Kakching, Oct.14: Manipur State Power Distribution Company Ltd (MSPDCL) and Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram(JERC-M&M) jointly organised Electricity Consumers Awareness workshop at the auditorium of Representatives of Lois (RoL) Kakching on Tuesday. Chief Engineer, JERC Manipur and Mizoram, Lalchharliana Pachuau spoke on Electricity Supply Code Regulations, Assistant Chief (Engineering) H.Thantianga spoke on Consumers Grievances Redressal Regulations, Deputy General Manager MSPDCL  Kakching Division L.Sellungba spoke on  Power
Availability and Sale of Energy in Manipur including Transmission and Distribution loss with brief highlights of Kakching Division, Executive Director (Technical), Manipur State Power Company Ltd (MSPCL), Ng.Sarat deliberated on the ongoing Proposal and Projects on Generation and Transmission lines in Manipur and the ongoing works and projects.

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Free eye screening and subsidized eye surgery camp held

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Imphal, Oct 14: Rotary Club of Imphal and Shija Eye Care Foundation have organized a one day free eye screening and subsidized eye surgery camp at Thangmeiband Improvement Club (TIC), Lilasing Khongnangkhong today.
Eye specialize doctors are very less in and around the area of Thangmeiband.
Many people didn’t get any eye treatment facilities, especially the ole-aged people and the students who are facing many eye problems while studying. Looking all this needs, Rotary club of Imphal organized these camp including 12 doctors of Shija Hospital Shija Eye Care Foundation which are giving medical treatment at the club.
Around 300 people have been treated so far for free of cost.
Among them around 25 people were detected with eye cataracts.

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Sainik school entrance exam

PRO (DEFENCE) Imphal, Oct. 14: Sainik School Imphal informed that the entrance examinations for admission to Class VI & IX for the academic session 2016-17, will be held on 03 Jan 2016.  The prospectus for the same can be obtained from the school on all working days between 0900hrs-1400hrs.  Last date of submission of filled up forms at school is 30 Nov 2015.  Further details of the same can be obtained from Sainik School Imphal and are also put up at Notice Board of M Sector.

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MGEL – Is it still valid?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. It would only be fooling ourselves to think otherwise. Despite the rosy pictures and the recent indication of the Government finally waking up to the realities ,we still have a long way to trudge along and uncountable promises to be kept before we can truly call ours a stable and well-governed society- a common knowledge yet to be acknowledged by those who matters. What is still beyond comprehension and logical reasoning are some of the most baffling questions on the minds of all the thinking public- baffling as to why the problems- if one could ever term them as such- are allowed to exist in the first place. Instances likeIncreasing transparency in governance: the bitter truth can be sampled if one has the patience of a saint- to try and access information of various departments through the numerous obsolete official websites launched with much fanfare and reams being written about, updated every decade with unerring accuracy.
MGEL (Manipur Government Employee’s List): is it still valid? What is the current position of the project?  Teachers not in the list still get their pay. Relevance of such protracted exercise? If authentication and verification of employees of the Government is the target, why couldn’t it constitute a separate and dedicated body to do the work? Has the department heads and employees been apprised of the procedures and workings of PIS and EIN? Is the NIC handling the technical support as efficiently and regularly as they should?
Drugs: why haven’t any breakthrough been achieved till date regarding the source, the supply route and the people behind such mammoth hauls- a cartel that obviously enjoys the support and collusion of those in the highest echelon of power and influence? Pulling up and shoving a few pawns up our faces to earn few brownie points does not impress anyone. Everybody knows of the existence of a virus that is spreading  the vicious disease- apparently behind a wall of immunity and protection. Sewage project: what exactly was the purpose of the whole project? When is the completion period, after factoring in the delays in funding and others? Who will be the beneficiaries? How are the sewage from private residences be connected to the main pipe- is there any provision for it at all? How about the drainage system along the roadsides that sits way above the roads seeping water down in the middle of the road and flooding stretches of otherwise perfectly good roads?
PDS (Public Distribution System) Translation- a system conjured up to efficiently distribute Government largesse and benefits amongst the people elected by the public.
Terrorism and Militancy: the most prospective and fastest growing commercial venture in the region, with the armed personnel of the State Government proving to be great catalysts (read- more armed personnel being caught posing as militants and extorting money and terrorizing the public)
Just a few of the realities facing the society today. Bottomline- it’s high time to take the velvet gloves off and deal with the issues as they should be. Things can change, and for that to happen, people entrusted with making the changes must start acting their part without further delay- or else they need to be changed.

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