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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 13 October 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Keys to industrialization

The inauguration of the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in the state has been a long-awaited event and heralds the beginning of an era of accelerated development and industrialisation- a vital component that has hitherto been sorely missing in the push for progress in Manipur. The collective mood and expectations of the public cannot be anything but upbeat about the prospects and possibilities of such an infrastructure even though one cannot help but harbour apprehensions regarding the proper and optimal utilization

of such a beneficial initiative. The issue of the actual purpose or objective of the institute also remains open to interpretations, as according to the inaugural speech of the Chief Minister, the institute aims to train youngsters so as to enable themselves to be gainfully employed in various companies and industries in other states and countries, while the broader expectations of the public is for the institute to attract great minds and help set up more and better infrastructures in the state which will ultimately change the status of the state from one which host industrial trainees to one which house trained industrial experts and skilled workers. The focus should not be merely to nurture young minds only to export them, but to shape them into assets which need to be utilized for the transformation of the state. There are hundreds, if not thousands of young, dynamic, experienced and highly talented industrial experts spanning the whole gamut of the spectrum of industrial technology who have their origin in the state and are serving and providing their invaluable services and expertise not only in different parts of the country but even in some of the most prestigious industrial setups across the globe. It would be a tremendous learning experience for the trainees in the institute if these distinguished experts could be made to share their ideas, knowledge and vision with them, but for that to happen, it is imperative that the state government takes the initiative. Even with their busy schedules and workloads, one can safely assume that these
experts would have it in their hearts to give back to the land of their birth, and that they will be only too happy to be invited to share in the development and progress of the institute, and by extension, the state in their own way. Now that the institute has become a reality, the long walk has just begun. Students in the state need to be made aware of the benefits and the possibilities that would open up for them once they receive training from the institute and guide them towards their goal. The ITI is not merely an institute for  the state but represents the possibilities of a thousand dreams to be turned into reality for the estranged state rife with unrest, social disturbances and discontent. The future of this promise lies in the manner with which the state government goes about managing and controlling the course. It might just turn out to be the harbinger of progress, or very well prove to be yet another white elephant.

MSPDCL fines around Rs. 5 lakhs from default power consumers in just one month

Imphal may get 24x7 power supply from January 2016

IT News
Imphal, Oct 13: Officials of the Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) has fined around rupees 5 lakhs from around 48 default power consumers in Imphal area in just one month beginning from September 19. According to report from the company the defaulter consumers were caught red handed during random door to door survey conducted by the staffs of the company under the strict supervision of the company’s Managing Director. Some of the defaulter consumers were found tapping the prepaid meters and some were found hooking the line from the main power source without informing the company officials.
The random drive is being conducted with an aim to improve revenue collection from Imphal area, as the company is working days and night to provide 24x7 power supply to the people in Imphal area from Janaury 2016. MSPDCL source said that the company spent rupees 10.5 crores for purchase of power to provide electricity for Imphal area but at present the company could collect only around rupees 5 crores from the consumers. This means there is a loss of around 50% and it is important for the company to improve revenue collection to fulfill the company’s dream for providing 24x7 power supplies to the people, a source from the MSPDCL said. 

The MSPDCL is now working days and night to make AB cable connection to all the areas in Imphal. The Company is giving priority to make the AB cable all over the place so that to prevent power theft.
“Vigilance teams have been created by the MSPDCL which are visiting consumer premises across Imphal on daily basis and those found bypassing the prepaid meters and consuming energy shall be fined and their energy supply may permanently be disconnected”, an official said quoting the Managing Director strict directions. Even the officials of the MSPDCL who turn blind eyes to such practice by the consumers had been taken up disciplinary against. One Assistant Manager has been recently suspended for involving in such activities that create commercial lost to the company.

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MSF celebrates 17th foundation day

IT News
Imphal, Oct 13: Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF) celebrates its 17th foundation day at Konjeng Hajari Leikai Community Hall, Tidim Road today.
AMWJU President Wangkhemcha Shamjai, Phunindro Konsam  and MSF President Kh Serajuddin attended the occasion as dignitaries on the dais.
The foundation day function began with the key note address given by Thiyam Sushilkumar Luwang, Joint Secretary, MSF.
For the past 17 years, MSF have been working hard to wipe out the corrupt system from the society and bring peace and harmony among the people of the state for both hill and valley.
Support from the people of Manipur, different organizations, clubs, students and parents is required to bring changes to our society and especially to the upcoming students of today and for the coming 18th foundation year, they will take up huge step to bring many changes in our society,  he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Phunindro Konsam said that Manipur has become a society fill with issues and problems. The love and mutual respect that people of different ethnic communities use to have in the past seems to be lessening today. From a peaceful and tolerant society a few decades back Manipur at the present juncture can be described as chaotic and deeply divided, he added.
Student’s life has also change. They don’t take their studies seriously. Students parent give them whatever they ask, let them to do whatever they want freely.
Riding motor vehicles, dying their hair, using highly expensive cell phones and going to schools where some didn’t turn up at schools. Doing drugs, roaming here and there while their parents think they are attending classes.
Due to such behavior, many students have lost their lives, through road accident, drug overdose, etc.
It is the right time for the parents and the student community to find out the reason of all this changes, to find out how to bring the solution of the problems which they face in the present state, he added.
Kh Serajuddin, President MSF said that since 2006 “Eikhoi Lairik Ningthina Tamshi” (Academy Campaign) an educational programme of MSF, under this programme MSF have been conducting many Moral Education Awareness Programme for the students, to aware them about the society, about their studies, how to become a successful students in the future, in different part of the state. This academic campaign will be continued in the coming future.
In order to save the future for the students which can and will bring changes to our society, same thought, co-operations and full supports from all the communities is their must needed strength to keep up their works for the people, the society and for the students which will be the future pillars, he added.

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S.K. Women’s College Teacher demands dissolution of GB

IT News
Imphal, Oct.13: S.K. Women’s College Teacher Welfare Association alleged one N.Ibomcha (61), ex-secy. and present educationist in the Governing Body of the college along with present secretary with Ibomcha’s insistent, for misusing funds of which been granted for the construction of the working Women’s Hostel under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, as well as the Award for the College with Potential for Excellence (CPC) under the UGC and the approval of the Star College under DBT and the Community College under UGC amounting of Rs, 83,14,589. Dr M Ratankumar, secy Teachers’ welfare Association, S.K.Women’s College told media persons in a press meet held today at MPC that the GB has failed to clear the account statements of both the past and present GB. 

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MPS transfer

IT News Imphal, Oct 12: Commandant of 9th IR (Mahila) Bn Mamata Wahengbam has been transfer as SP/CID (Technical) by an order of the DP, Government of Manipur and Joyce Lairemmawi, MPS in charge SP/CID has been posted as Commandant of 9th IR (Mahila) Bn with effect from yesterday.

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Buildings in Imphal City need Earthquake Resistant design

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Imphal, Oct.13: Regarding the role of Municipal councilors in preventing natural disaster like earthquake in the State, a 1 Day District Level Disaster management Training for Councilors, Community Leaders, Stakeholders and Student wings was held today at the Conference Hall of Imphal Municipal Corporation. The training was organized by Relief & Disaster Management (R&DM)/ PWD, Manipur
Since, North-East states including Manipur lies under the seismic zone which is highly porn to earthquake, it is high time to check the present building structures in and around Imphal City. It is very much important to be taken care for the old building as well as new constructions which are not in the form of earthquake resistant.
In his key note address, Muhamud Ayukhan, staff Officer, Civil defence  and R&DM Department, Government of Manipur and president of the training program said the very training program emphasize on what and how Councilors of IMC can take part in building new construction with Earthquake Resistant Construction Design (ERC)  in their respective areas.
He said, the tremor earthquake which jolted on last April claiming thousands of lives and properties in Nepal which last for 32 sec was also jolted in Manipur with the same Magnitude (7.5).  But luckily in Manipur the jolt last only 20 sec, and if it was over above that, we might not be like this today, warned staff Officer. Considering for unfortunate possibilities, he called upon everyone’s responsibility in preventing such devastation.
Various resource persons from R&DM/PWD Department of Manipur Government spoke on different topics.
A Narendradhwaja, Asst Engineer, PWD spoke on “Reinforced Concrete Building During Past Earthquake”, M Ibomcha EE/PWD on “Earthquake Self Construction Practices”, Y Daniel, M.Tech spoke on “Rehabilitation of Life Line Building”, while Koijam Bobita , Master Trainer, R&DM talk on Emergency Welfare Service”.
In the training program which been graced by A Nimai Sharma, Chairperson IMC and Thambaljao Phaomei, Vice Chairperson IMC as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively was participated by councilors of IMC.

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KSA appeals to conduct special class

IT News Imphal, Oct 13: Kangleipak Students Association (KSA) appealed to conduct extra class in schools, colleges as supplement of the lost classes during the 2 months longs agitation of the ILPS movement in Manipur in a press release.
It also mention that environment of the education should not be disturb in the election campaigning for coming student election in various higher secondary, college, and it’s also appeal that the upcoming exam of the BA , B.SC, B.Com, the school authority should maintain to conduct in time.

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MPP greets

IT News Imphal, Oct 13: Manipur people’s Party (MPP today wish the people of the state on occasion of the Panthoibi deity festival also celebrated as Durga Pooja by Hindu which is set to begin from October 13 General Secretary (Publicity) of the political party said that the party prayed the two deity to bring peace and prosperity among the various communities of the state.

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NSCN/GPRN says Indian Security bribes Myanmar Army to flush out its cadre

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Imphal, Oct 13: NSCN/GPRN today alleged the Indian Army of paying bribed to Operation Commander of the Myanmar Army to flush out the NCSN from, Pou Nyiu Village area in Myanmar territories where the outfit has signed ceasefire agreement with the Nyapithaw Government of the province.
In a press statement the outfit said that one Lt. Col. Min Thaw Hein, 364 Bn. Operation Commander of the Myanmar Army under the influence of the Indian army came at Pou Nyiu Village in Myanmar where the NSCN use to have temporary shelter and inquire about the whereabouts of the NCSN cadres to the villagers. The statement added that at the time the NSCN had shifted the camp to the Jungle.
“However, on learning of NSCN having left the village, the said commander became infuriated and started harassing the village folks, asked the villagers to present NSCN members to him and accused  the village of sheltering and shielding the NSCN”, the statement said.
When the villagers told him about the existence of cease fire between the Nyapithaw Government and the NSCN, the operation commander said that mainland Myanmar Army command is not aware of the ceasefire agreement or does not have any concern for such agreement between the NSCN and Nyapithaw. On the other hand, on Sept.30, flag meeting between Myanmar Army and Indian Army at International border (Pangsha), the Myanmar Army commander stationed across the border (Solo Camp) registered a strong protest against the illegal Indian Army cross border raid of 28th August 2015 in which several innocent Myanmar Naga citizens were also grievously injured by Indian Army. The same commander also strongly defended the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Myanmar and cautioned the Indian counterpart to refrain from repeating such unilateral actions violating the sanctity of Myanmar union in future.
However, operation commander of the Myanmar Army, Lt.Col.Min Thaw Hein,364 Bn., who also attended the flag meet in complete contradiction to the national principle maintained by his colleague during the flag meet acted in the most bizarre manner, the GPRN statement said.
It said that The pre-mediated and India dictated actions and speeches of the Myanmar Army operation commander Lt.Col.Min thaw hein undermines the sovereignty of Myanmar, threatens his own national peace and is a national disgrace that he opts to promote the agendas of Indian Army wearing Myanmar Army uniform.
The temporary refuge the People’s Army of Nagaland/Naga Army, NSCN established at Pou Nyiu and Langtin villages were thus burnt to ashes and all the belongings destroyed in fire, yet NSCN’s Naga Army maintained utmost restraint in honour of the bilateral ceasefire agreement. However, even endurance has it’s limit and NSCN shall not be allowed to be taken for granted repeatedly.

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